Magellan Optimization Platform

Delivering the metrics that matter

Magellan is our proprietary platform designed to maximize conversions and drive real results for your business.
Performance-Based Technology
Magellan maximizes the budget dynamically across your digital campaigns, finding efficiencies in the bidding process that translate to more impressions and conversions for your budget.
Our award-winning Magellan Optimization Platform operates across your programmatic, search, social, video and native campaigns.


We work with you to identify the campaign metrics most important to your business.


After launch, we immediately begin analyzing performance across data sets, tying them back to your key metrics.


Magellan reallocates the remaining budget, giving the top performing placements a larger share.


The process continues, bringing the highest value visitors to your site for the lowest cost.

Retail Category

Check out how one appliance retailer saw a 950% increase in cart visits in just 4 months....

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