We take an omnichannel approach to optimizing your digital marketing campaigns simplifying how your dealership engages potential car buyers across channels and offering the flexibility to shift your marketing budget between platforms based on what is driving results.  

Omnichannel + Quantum Drives High Quality Traffic

This top-producing dealer is running Paid Search, Display, and Social campaigns. Over the course of the campaign, the monthly site traffic stayed relatively flat. But the dealership isn’t paying to drive clicks - their primary goal is form fills. As Quantum narrowed in on their ideal audience and shifted budget between platforms, we more than doubled the volume of price quotes the dealer received. While the budget stayed the same, we improved results where it mattered most: form fills. This is how Quantum Omnichannel drives higher quality traffic: narrowing in on the audience most likely to convert.

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The digital journey has changed.

It’s no secret that customers are visiting fewer dealerships than ever before. The modern shopper prefers to leverage the internet to be a more educated buyer and only visit the dealership once their decision has been mostly made up on what to buy and where to buy it.

72% of research is spend on brand comparisons.

The road to your dealership is not a straight path.

How do you make sure your brand is front and center in order to maximize new vehicle sales and profit?


Who is the ideal audience for your marketing message?

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Which are the most effective channels to deliver those marketing messages?


How do you interpret the performance of your audience across channels?

We analyze overall campaign performance, recommend budget allocations based on your objective, and optimize across platforms to bring the highest value visitors to your website for the lowest cost.


No two campaigns budget allocations are the same. No two campaigns are treated the same. All receive superior results.


Performance Averages across Six Dealerships Campaigns

Month over month daily VDP views

104% increase in daily VDP views over 4 months

Month over month cost per VDP view

54% reduction in cost per VDP views over 4 months

See how to increase your dealership's digital effectiveness

Learn how to overcome 3 speed bumps in an increasingly competitive environment:

  • Learn how to pinpoint your dealership’s message

  • See which digital marketing channel is best

  • Discover what data to look for and how to leverage it

By using an omnichannel approach, we’ve been able to experience firsthand the power of multiple platforms harmoniously working to improve digital performance. Since launching a campaign with Quantum, we have seen a considerable uptick in digital conversions, leading to more visitors walking through the door of our dealership—all resulting in higher sales numbers – and one of our best Januarys ever.
— Shane Fouch – GSM of Byers VW and Byers Subaru in Columbus, OH