What we learned in 2015, and what does 2016 have in store for us?

This week we're bringing you the articles that sum up Digital Marketing in 2015 and a few things we are excited about in the coming new year.

5 things we learned in 2015 from the year in media deals

From NBCU’s investments in Vox and BuzzFeed to Axel Springer’s acquisition of Business Insider, billions changed hands in high-profile publishing deals this year. The quest for scale, millennial audiences , video and ad tech drove many of the deals. But quality still matters, too, as evidenced by high prices paid for The Financial Times and The Economist.

The biggest tech fails of 2015:

Hoverboards, Hackers, Streaming and more.

2016 Year in Preview: The year publishers get smarter about platforms

This was the year publishers went all in with distributing their content on platforms like Facebook, Apple and Snapchat, including even creating articles and videos to be consumed exclusively on them. Platforms need publishers’ content, and publishers need the distribution. Yet this uneasy relationship began to show signs of tension this year, and while distributed content isn’t going away, look for platforms to make small concessions and for publishers to fine-tune their distribution strategy.

Ten Brand Ideas Creativity Loved in 2015

Bold Ideas From Advertising, Design, Entertainment and More

Ad blockers, unusual publishers, and other 2015 tech highlights that are key to 2016

News media hit both highs and lows this year, from the advent of ad blockers to the exceptionally high valuation of publishing businesses.

8 Key Marketing Trends for 2016

We’ve seen programmatic go mainstream and viewability improve. Numerous brands have taken control over their first-party data, and are putting it to good use in reaching their exact audiences at scale. And large swaths of the industry have finally figured out how to reach consumers effectively on their mobile devices. So what’s in store for 2016?

Digital Marketing Stats from 2015: The Good, the Bad and the Intriguing

2015 so far has brought plenty of good news for digital marketers; increasing digital ad budgets, increased focus on content and SEO has given them plenty of opportunities to show their worth and marketers. The stats that have come out so far from various studies and compilations this year demonstrate this clearly. However, they also show there are problems with digital marketing that companies are still not overcoming.