Digital Downfalls: Debunking Online Marketing Myths

shutterstock_591219035 On the surface, the untrained eye may see digital marketing campaigns as relatively unchanged over the last few years. But behind the scenes, industry innovators are finding that the old ways of doing things aren't necessarily working anymore.

The digital marketing downfalls of yesterday are gradually being corrected, providing even more successful strategies. Here are some common myths that are being debunked and replaced.

Myth No. 1: Big Data Is King

Gathering big data is easier than ever, but it doesn't tell the whole picture. Uncovering associations, patterns, and trends is great to help companies determine who to target, but not necessarily how to target them. Information still needs to be balanced with creativity and personalization to make the biggest impact and gain conversions.

Marketers need to complement big-data analysis with social advertising and other strategies to communicate with customers on their turf, in their language.

Myth No. 2: It's All About the Number of Visitors

Driving traffic to your site is important, but aiming for volume in hopes that something will stick is a waste of resources. After all, visitors who land on your site by mistake aren't exactly high-quality prospects. Quantity never trumps quality.

Change your focus to quality by targeting the right kinds of leads who will actually convert. Time and money spent on a general goal of increasing site traffic is less efficient and effective than targeted marketing.

Determine which traffic sources generate the highest conversion rates and per-transaction revenue, and put a laser focus and more of your marketing budget on those efforts.

Myth No. 3: If You Build It, They Will Come

Setting up a website and letting visitors find it is no more effective than setting up a store and hoping customers stumble upon it. Digital marketing needs to go beyond simply posting a few keyword-rich blogs or sending promotional emails to new customers. You have to make serious marketing decisions to help customers find your online store and make purchases.

If you need help planning and implementing marketing strategies, turn to a qualified marketing agency for assistance. With the right direction, you can create effective digital campaigns and avoid these common pitfalls.