What Is the ZMOT and How Can Brands Harness It?

If you're in business, it's tough to keep marketing buzzwords straight. Right now, "ZMOT" is a hot marketing topic. The Google-coined phrase means "zero moment of truth." If you're looking to expand your reach, ZMOT is an important concept to understand.

ZMOT defined

ZMOT is the moment when a consumer conducts a search for a product or service online. In that moment, the consumer has decided to investigate something they're curious about.

The first moment of truth is when the consumer makes a purchase, and second moment of truth is the consumer's post-purchase experience.

Why ZMOT is so important

If your brand appears in search results when a consumer sits down to do online research, you're at a distinct advantage. How do you make sure that your brand gets noticed at the ZMOT? Here are some tips:

  • Change your perspective

Think from your customers' point of view. What problem does your product solve? What questions would customers have about your product?

If you can provide the necessary information a customer needs when they're looking for it, you'll have a competitive advantage.

To provide such information, you should talk with customers, conduct surveys, and collect feedback to understand why they buy your product.

  • Use SEM to position your product

SEM (search engine marketing) increases search engine results. It's done primarily through paid advertising, and it can help ensure your website or product ranks high in search results when a customer is at the ZMOT.

Often referred to as "pay per click" ads, these ads give consumers the information they need to make a purchase. The four images below, with prices and star-ratings, are an example of SEM marketing.

Using SEM gets your product in front of customers and helps build brand awareness.

The reward for marketing to consumers at ZMOT

When you can position your product to appear before customers during the ZMOT, they're more likely to purchase your product.

Even if they don't purchase your product right away, being aware of your product increases the likelihood a customer will return later and buy from you.

Having a complete and thorough understanding of the ZMOT while looking through the eyes of the customer will enable you to harness a strategy to increase your selling power online.