Leveraging Data to Create Valuable Interactions

  Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be a hassle. Just as marketers get the hang of a new social media platform or mobile marketing tactic, the game changes. To stay up-to-date with evolving trends, marketers have to rely on data to create a well-rounded omnichannel marketing strategy.

So how can marketers leverage data to create valuable interactions? Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the evolving digital marketing game:

  1. Personalize your interactions.

Consumers expect a personalized experience. They demand messages, promotions, and products that are tailored to their style, interests, and needs.

Start collecting information from consumers to create customized messages. As you collect information, you can use it to create customer profiles and send marketing campaigns to each niche.

For instance, you can email your most loyal customers a discount code, encourage new customers to check out specific links on your website, or advertise a specific product on Facebook that caters to one of your customer profiles.

  1. Stay relevant with offers.

Customers aren't just looking for personalized messages; they're looking for personalized offers, too. By collecting data, you can provide relevant offers that not only keep customers interested, but active as well.

For instance, rather than emailing a coupon to every person on your list, segment your list into smaller groups using your customer profiles. Now you can send a 20-percent-off coupon with specific shoe and apparel suggestions to a specific niche, such as "affluent hikers over 50." Personalized emails like this deliver six times higher transaction rates.

  1. Deliver a consistent user experience.

If data indicates one of your channels isn't reaching goals, it might be time to review the marketing messages on it.

With so many different ways to reach consumers, it's easy to send mixed messages. Marketers need to create a consistent user experience on every channel that's suitable for every device.

Every brand should have a defined message and tone. Review these goals on a regular basis and take some time to review the content that you release on your website, social channels, and blog to make sure your marketing is on point.

Marketing trends change regularly, but by keeping a close eye on data you can adapt easily. A digital marketing agency can help you identify and utilize data to keep your marketing goals on track.