4 Popular PPC Marketing Trends in 2017

Marketing trends are always changing, especially those in the digital world. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing trends evolve with consumer habits, and it's important to stay up to date if you want your ads to succeed. So far in 2017, we've noticed these four trends in PPC marketing:

  1. Attribution models

This year marketers are embracing attribution models in AdWords, which gives you more insight on the best keywords to use in ads.

When a customer makes a purchase, many marketers want to know what led them to that choice. They could have interacted with a variety of ads and clicked on different links before checking out. Attribution models let you choose how much credit each click along the way gets.

Most marketers give credit to the last ad that a customer clicked right before the purchase.

  1. Capitalizing on micro moments

To thrive, brands must be in the right place at the right time. When a group of employees are looking for a place to eat lunch, for example, and they use their phones to look up a spot to go, that's the time a local sandwich shop wants to appear in search results.

When people are motivated to run a specific search like that, it's called a micro moment. This year, more marketers are analyzing data to figure out how to capitalize on them.

  1. Utilizing ad extensions

When you're running an online ad campaign, it can be tough to stand out in the crowd. To help, brands are utilizing more ad extensions this year.

Rather than just including the basic product picture, website and price in an ad, extensions let you include things such as your business location, a phone number or product reviews.

This little snippet of additional information can be enough to capture attention and gain more conversions.

  1. Taking personalization to the next level

Customers expect personalized experiences, and this year expectations are reaching new heights.

Since customers are flying through search results on their phone, scanning emails in seconds and breezing through their social feeds, personalization is one of few ways to get consumers to stop and pay attention.

Brands are micro-segmenting their audience this year in an effort to create specific ads for specific niches.


There's a lot to manage with PPC marketing. From market research and ad creation to tracking results and improving future ads, it's a time-consuming task. For advanced assistance with your marketing campaigns, be sure to reach out for help.