2017's 4 Biggest Moments in Digital Advertising

Advertising is no longer limited to TV, print, and radio. To be successful in this digital age, advertising has to evolve with the technology that consumers rely on to research, shop, and purchase. As a result, brands have turned to new and interesting advertising methods in 2017. Here's a look at four of the biggest moments in digital advertising this year:

Video Advertising: GoPro Wins With Kitten Rescue Video

The ability to tell a story via video became paramount in 2017, given the many platforms consumers use to watch and share this kind of content.

Research shows viewers consume 158 hours of video across TV, online, and mobile, according to Nielsen, with the biggest growth happening in online viewing.

GoPro, a brand known for its consumer-friendly, mobile video cameras, created an eye-catching ad in 2017 that shows a firefighter rescuing and resuscitating a kitten that was overtaken by smoke inhalation.

Native Advertising: Adobe Creates Researched Article for "NYT"

By placing ads in a setting that blends in with the consumer's experience, native advertising has become a preferred method for advertisers and viewers alike.

Adobe created sponsored ads for "The New York Times" online. One article explored how digital technology is changing sports viewing. Adobe includes its own research on mobile viewing habits, but the entire article reads just like any other compelling "NYT" article.

Mobile Advertising: Denny's Customers Flip for Pancake Tweet

Consumers are attached to their mobile devices, so it's no surprise to learn mobile advertising reached new heights in 2017. Research shows 60 percent of mobile ads reach their intended audience, according to Nielsen.

Denny's encouraged mobile Twitter followers to zoom in on a picture of maple syrup, which led customers on a comical scavenger hunt. It was an interactive ad that got serious traction on social media, with more than 100,000 favorites in 24 hours.

Chatbot Advertising: Sephora Offers Makeup Tips

Designed to have a conversation with online customers, chatbots took center stage in the advertising world this year, too.

Sephora launched a chatbot that asked its online customers if they'd like to check out makeup tips. Customers simply tell the bot, which is simulating a normal online conversation through a chat box, what kind of tips interest them. The bot provides a link to content, which also has product suggestions inside.

This year was a big one for new, trendy advertising methods.