Weekly Digital Breakdown

Kraft Heinz is Covering the Babysitting Bill This Mother’s Day

Kraft Heinz is winning over moms with it’s clever Mother’s Day promotion and it has nothing to do with their extensive line of products.  In an effort to celebrate mothers for their hard work, they are encouraged to hire a sitter and take a much deserved break while the company foots the bill up to $100.  Participants can then submit their receipt for reimbursement on a dedicated site. The company recognizes the value of self care and wants to give moms what they really want...a little break.

With consumers more attentive to a company’s beliefs and values, the focus on moms and their many times underappreciated and tireless work goes a long way to promote brand awareness and future purchase consideration for all shoppers.  Shoppers are researching brands more than ever and are 75% more likely to start shopping with a company that supports issues they value. In addition to promoting some me-time, which is good for mental health and a major focus for everyone, Kraft is also encouraging moms to share how they’ll spend the day on its social channels, showing the authentic side of motherhood.  The strategy is a win for both moms and Kraft’s connection with its customer base.


Nike Fit Changes the Shoe Game

In typical Nike fashion, the world’s largest sneaker company is changing the shoe game.  With sizing being the major pain point for shoppers based on variation between brands and sneaker models, the company is releasing Nike Fit, an interactive tool which allows consumers to scan their feet at home or with in-store scanning mat to ensure proper sizing.  The technology boasts accuracy within 2 mm, considering both length and width to suggest the best fit in every model.

Research shows over 60% of people wear the wrong size shoe which can make online shopping a daunting task.  Nike has found this can result in a negative experience shoppers relate to the brand, rather than the specific shoe.  The company hopes to alleviate that concern, increasing brand loyalty and return customers.

While this news is well received by consumers, it’s also a huge win for Nike in their attempt to create personalized shopping.  The data gained helps the company provide more tailored product suggestions, increasing total purchase values. It also allows for the company to have a database of feet types which is valuable information for future product development.

As companies embrace technological advances in shopping, it’s likely many will follow in Nike’s footsteps allowing them improve shopping experiences, and also increase their customer profile data to develop and refine future product offerings.


Facebook Adjusts Video Ranking Algorithm

Facebook announced it’s honing its video viewing experience by altering the current ranking algorithm. The changes are intended to keep users interested longer with higher quality, more desirable content. Priority will be given to more engaging videos, particularly those that extend for 3 minutes or more, bubbling up popular videos that draw a large number of users.  There will also be more emphasis on original content intended to enhance the user experience rather than videos used as clickbait. The new guidelines will go into effect over the next few months on News Feeds, Facebook Watch and video recommendations.

While the changes are positioned to enhance viewing, they are also intended to attract big name advertisers who want to be associated with higher quality content.  It’s another effort to monitor what’s being published and further ensure brand safety. In addition to seeking more advertising dollars, it’s also a strategic play by the company to surpass YouTube as the top video-sharing platform or at least lead the pack as other tech giants enter the space.  As competition increases, Facebook aims further distinguishing itself across video platforms and work to repair its reputation.