5 Social Media Advertising Essentials for Furniture Retailers

shutterstock_193510067In a digital world where more shopping is being done online, how do furniture retailers compete? More furniture is being bought online, but this is an industry where many people prefer to see and touch furniture offerings in person and in the store. How do you combine the social and the in-store part of the shopping? Fortunately, it's easy to blend key tech touches into the marketing strategy for an industry that feels both traditional and fresh. These best practices are key to revitalizing furniture retailers' social media strategies.

Personalize the Content

To build rapport, keep things engaging with a clear brand voice and a softer, personalized approach to content. It's important to thank users for nice comments and engage by answering questions. Small, positive actions like these influence how people view your furniture business and help to establish a loyal customer base. Address the Negative — Fast

Addressing negative comments quickly might be even more important than thanking people for the positive ones. One best practice is to respond to negative feedback promptly with an apology and a solution. When you deal with unpleasant experiences effectively, it shows your company's commitment to the consumer experience. Also, it allows you to build trust and position your furniture retail business as an expert.

Make It Useful

Social media marketing needs to be useful for prospective customers. It shouldn't be overwhelming or smack of spam. Offers and promotions should help and give the impression that the content is really worth customers' time.

Customers want more than product offerings when they go online. They may be hungry for information that will pique their interests, but it's important for them to become part of a community with a brand they trust to support their lifestyles and experiences.

One way to do this is to include three pieces of social media content that are helpful or entertaining for every promo post. Links to educational blog posts are great for this.

Incorporate Social Advertising

Interacting with potential customers isn’t the only way to get their attention on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all support advertisements that allow retailers to market to consumers.

Facebook advertising, for example, allows retailers — including furniture retailers — to target ads to users based on their location, liked pages, employment status, and other demographics.

Furniture retailers can tap into social networks to share content strategically. This technique has its advantages since ads can be personalized based on statistics and customers’ specific interests and needs.

Use Visuals

A picture paints a thousand words, particularly on social media. Visuals make it easier for potential customers to identify with content. It's also important to keep the platform in mind. People use Facebook and Twitter differently and for different reasons, so tailoring content is key.

As a furniture retailer, visuals set the stage to captivate your followers. This is a great opportunity to showcase your products and industry expertise. Mix things up and show your company's personality.

Along with product promotion, entertain customers with behind-the-scenes activity. Posting images of workplace culture, company events, and loyal fans is a great start.

People also appreciate videos, and you can use them in strategic ways. Share testimonials, step-by-step instructions, helpful tips on the best way to clean furniture, or checklists that simplify tasks.

Stay Concise

Brevity is essential on most social media platforms. Keep content digestible and full of impact so customers stop and take a look rather than scrolling on. Much like window shopping, the goal is to entice the social shopper without overwhelming him or her. Successfully engage a customer and you will get that person to buy your products.