Creative, Collaborative Campaigns: How Adtaxi Fuels Innovation

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Collaboration results in creativity. That's an important facet of every advertising campaign — it's not all about data. Adtaxi knows that a healthy dose of creativity is integral for campaign success, and that's why the company culture facilitates cross-team collaboration and communication that result in fresh ideas. We work with advertisers and businesses across industries, managing roughly 2,600 campaigns monthly, and use historical campaign knowledge to build and optimize successful marketing strategies.

Improving Campaign Performance with Creative Systems

The Adtaxi search team recently developed an automated email flagging system to alert campaign managers of potential performance issues such as pacing concerns, disapproved ads, broken URLs, site suspensions, etc. These emails provide an additional line of defense in monitoring and help boost campaign performance.   by eliminating more manual checks.  This also allows more time for what our campaign managers do best — strategic optimization.

This process was identified and created by one of our own search team members which was then implemented across our organization, where it was quickly adopted and adapted by Adtaxi's social and programmatic teams as well.

Collaborating Across Disciplines to Get Results

Adtaxi's Quantum optimization platform started as a collaboration between our veteran sales and ops team members as a method of applying an algorithmic approach to optimizations that had previously been done manually. It started small but brought early success which lead to expanding the solution to a larger subset of campaigns demonstrating tremendous results.

Our product and development teams utilized the initial concept to create a full-fledged optimization tool that's critical in driving results across our organization.

Incentivizing Innovation with Quarterly Stretch Goals

Adtaxi's culture of collaboration encourages cross team creativity to further enhance ideas and education.  We support our team members with a quarterly incentive stretch goal program that rewards successful innovations which result in revenue growth, operational savings or contribute to driving brand awareness.

Each quarter, any team member can submit a proposal which is then reviewed by our management team. Approved submissions then must be proved and executed by the end of the quarter. If the goal is met and successful, team members are rewarded with a bonus, as well as recognition throughout the organization for their efforts.

By cultivating creativity in each of our employees, Adtaxi has fueled the innovations that now lead our campaigns. Each day, we combine data-driven insights with professional collaboration to produce maximum results.

From inspiration to innovation, here's how Adtaxi and local tech leaders fuel creativity


We were honored to be featured in a recent article highlighting how leaders in the tech space are continuing to innovate to keep a competitive edge. Our Vice President of Operations Doug Gesiorski shared how ideas can be expanded through interdepartmental collaboration. With 2,600 monthly campaigns, the operations team stays ahead of the game through strong cross-team collaboration, communication, and a great incentive program. Read the full article from Built in Colorado to learn has creativity helped the team overcome challenges, accomplish awesome things, and much more.



Adtaxi's Innovation and Initiatives


Over the last 20 years or so, company culture has become a dominant talking point among businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers. It’s also become increasingly important as more businesses realize a strong company culture helps build identity, enhance your brand, and attract and retain top-tier talent. Adtaxi understands that company culture is all about its core values. Coupled with the company’s continual drive for innovation, its culture and initiative make it a unique – and wonderful – place to work. Just ask its employees!

A Welcoming Culture

“At Adtaxi, our guiding principles shape our collaborative and innovative company culture,” as one person notes. “Adtaxi’s advancements are made possible due to our company culture that is welcoming, collaborative, and pushing to be more innovative each day. From Adtaxi’s beginnings in 2010 to its position as one of the most innovative marketing agencies in the country -- the company has undergone quite a transformation.”

And that starts at the leadership level. The company builds a strong foundation for its positive culture by fostering a strong commitment to teamwork, an element that’s so crucial to its success as a company and within the small groups that work within it.

A Client-Centered Approach

At the heart of what makes the company so special is its commitment to its clients. The company knows that digital moves fast, and that’s what pushes it to find new solutions that drive their clients’ success with holistic, multi-channel approaches. As one employee says, “We strive to build strong, long-term partnerships built on transparency, trust, and most importantly, performance, and our clients’ goals are at the center of our operation.” 

A Passion for Innovation

From the top down, everyone strives to create cutting-edge technology. That’s a huge part of what everyone loves about working here. “Staying ahead of the curve is in our DNA,” as another employee says. After all, everyone is aware of technology’s pace, and how quickly the solutions they innovate could become outdated and surpassed by the next big thing. That’s why leadership encourages everyone at Adtaxi to continue working to find a better way and to “focus on how they can move the needle beyond just standard best practices.”

A ‘Quantum’ Leap

Need more proof that innovation is part of what makes this such as great place to work? Consider how our award-winning search pacing technology was born. As one employee explains, “Our team created our award-winning platform out of necessity. After testing a number of third party pacing tools, we were unable to find one efficient enough to meet our needs. So we decided to build our own.”

And from our unique approach to conversion-based campaign management evolved Quantum, Adtaxi’s newest game-changing tool evolved. Now, our clients can harness the benefits of machine learning and omnichannel optimizations for a unique approach that treats every business to targeted strategies designed to increase conversions.

This one innovation is changing everything. Quantum is disrupting the advertising landscape with its powerful algorithm that starts by analyzing campaign performance before recommending budget allocations that best meet the objectives of the campaign. Then, it optimizes to give advertisers the highest value for the lowest cost. It’s so effective that Adtaxi clients see increases in everything from form leads to digital conversions. 

From using scripts to make sure campaigns are running smoothly to innovating award-winning technology to building a company culture that values it employees and encourages constant learning and teamwork, it’s clear that Adtaxi is a unique place to work. As one person notes, “Our company was founded on technology, and the tools we have at our disposal will always be at the heart of our business, promoting our core values, and contributing to our successful work environment and achievements.”