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Creating Consumer-Friendly Landing Pages Leads to Clicks

shutterstock_210162178 (1)Ever wonder why your landing page isn't getting the kinds of clicks you were hoping for? Many companies experience this problem. If your plumbing or HVAC company is one of them, here are some tips that are sure to increase your clicks.

A Good Landing Page Starts With Good Preparation

Preparation is key to creating a landing page that is consumer-friendly and that converts. It's important to understand the goal of your landing page, set up the page properly for consumers, and lead readers to the intended call-to-action.

Let's review some basics: A landing page is a standalone webpage that leads page visitors in the direction you want them to take. Your company's landing page should be the next step for the visitor from an earlier page, and should use a call-to-action premise to achieve the conversion.

There are several types of landing pages, including lead capture pages and click-through pages. Lead capture pages usually offer the page visitor something of value — an email subscription, say, or a free trial — in exchange for the visitor's email address. This information keeps the reader in the company's database for later marketing efforts. Click-through pages inform the visitor of a product or service in enough detail to get the visitor ready to buy.

Offer a Reward to Visitors

Offering a reward to the page visitor is crucial to creating a good landing page. Service discounts or free trials are examples of great rewards.

Display Your Company's Credentials Prominently

Landing pages for HVAC and plumbing sites should have information about licenses, awards, and accreditations. These show off your company's expertise and set your company apart from the pack. You should also clearly display your company's service guarantees. Contact information, such as a phone number and/or an email address, should be included on landing pages to encourage potential customers to make contact.

Include Unique Selling Points

Next, ask yourself what sets your HVAC or plumbing company apart from your competitors. What is your unique selling point (USP)? Do you have a longer service warranty than your competitors? Do you offer more benefits in your annual service packages? List those differences on your landing page to remind readers why your company is the right HVAC or plumbing firm for them.

Highlight Your Call to Action

Highlight your call-to-action on the landing page. You'd be surprised how many landing pages bury the call-to-action. Use a big button or bold graphics to lead your page visitors to the right product or service offer. It's the last mile of digital marketing! Make it valuable!

Layout and Strong Content Are Also Key

All the tips above are important. In addition, though, your company's website must have good content, correct grammar, a clean layout, and a professional look to gain the trust of your page visitors and encourage them to make purchases or conversions. Get another person to look over your landing page to double-check for any spelling errors or typos before it goes live.