Proof Positive: Adtaxi’s ‘QUANTUM’ Significantly Boosts Campaign Performance



—Revamped Adtaxi.com Unveils Data on Recently Launched Optimization Engine—

DENVER (June 18, 2018)—Adtaxi—one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies—today launched its new company website. The revamped Adtaxi.com features a total redesign, interactive content, educational resources and a full report detailing the highly anticipated results of its performance assessment of Quantum, the company’s new optimization algorithm. Data revealed considerable gains when evaluating cost per action (CPA) of Quantum-powered campaigns against non-Quantum campaigns.

“When developing Quantum, we knew the technology would provide a cutting-edge option for advertisers that yielded unparalleled results—and now we have the numbers to prove it,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “Our goal since day one has been to provide superior value for our partners across a broad range of industries by delivering top-quality performance that in turn boosts sales. Quantum’s demonstrated success reflects this mission, and we are eager to share its benefits on our new and improved website.”

For the analysis, insights were derived from thousands of Quantum and non-Quantum campaigns across Social and Programmatic RTB, broken out by Auto and Ecommerce. Below are some of the key results: 

Social - Facebook

●      Quantum campaigns reduce the average CPA by 18% over non-Quantum campaigns

●      Automotive campaigns perform 34% better with Quantum for Social vs. non-Quantum for CPA


Programmatic RTB

●      Quantum for Native shows a 38% reduction in CPA over non-Quantum campaigns

●      Quantum for Pre-Roll shows a 55% improvement in CPA over non-Quantum campaigns

●      Automotive campaigns realize a 33% decrease in CPA with Quantum

●      Ecommerce campaigns see a 41% reduction in CPA with Quantum

“Applying Quantum to our digital advertising efforts has significantly increased performance metrics,” said Sal Gonzales, Owner, Volvo of Culver City. “Soon after launching our campaigns with the new platform, we noticed a sizeable uptick in sales numbers—propelling the dealership to not only meet, but exceed our quarterly goals. Maximizing efficiencies in advertising is a huge win for us.”

Launched in early April, Quantum is the next evolution of Adtaxi’s proprietary platform, Magellan. The new algorithm leverages machine learning to drive cross-channel optimizations and deliver exceptional performance. All the same powerful single-platform optimization capabilities of Magellan remain available with Quantum—now with the addition of a true digital omnichannel solution. First offering the omnichannel capability to Auto advertisers, Adtaxi plans to expand to Ecommerce and additional categories in the near future.

Meet Quantum

shutterstock_714159736 (1).jpg

Today, at Adtaxi, we are so excited to announce the launch of our brand-new omnichannel optimization platform, Quantum. Leveraging the power of machine learning, this innovative algorithm drives cross-channel optimizations to deliver superior performance for our digital advertisers.

“The name ‘Quantum’ represents the individual building blocks that feed into how we optimize campaigns—each one unique and customized to the advertiser,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “We understand how the most granular pieces of data work together to impact overall success, and driven by this concept, the new algorithm will enhance performance to provide even greater value for advertisers.”

Quantum is the next evolution of our original optimization platform, Magellan, launched in 2015, out of a challenge to prove that display could sell products efficiently and cost-effectively. A differentiator in the digital space, Magellan is a technology set apart by its ability to find efficiencies in the bidding process, dynamically maximize marketers’ budgets across digital campaigns, drive conversions over clicks, as well as lower the cost of conversions over time. Based on the success we saw early on with Magellan for display, we adapted the platform to work within social, video and native channels - and optimize to KPIs that made sense for those channels.

In 2017, a new challenge arose: can we drive even greater value for our advertisers by optimizing across all platforms, instead of within? And, what if it also included Search? This is how Quantum was born. In order for Magellan to evolve, we needed to break it down and build it back up again. Quantum has the building blocks to be smarter, to be more flexible, to allow for greater utility, and to generate better performance for our clients.

All the same powerful capabilities of Magellan exist with Quantum - now with the addition of a true digital omnichannel solution for advertisers. First offering Quantum’s omnichannel solution to automotive advertisers, Adtaxi plans to expand the platform to ecommerce and additional campaign categories in the near future. Already, the technology has yielded impressive results for dealers.

“By using an omnichannel approach, we have experienced firsthand the power of multiple platforms harmoniously working together to drive traffic,” said Shane Fouch, General Sales Manager of Byers VW and Byers Subaru in Columbus, Ohio. “Since launching a campaign with Quantum, we have seen a considerable uptick in digital conversions, leading to more visitors walking through the door of our dealership—all resulting in higher sales numbers - and our best January ever.”

Adtaxi has been named a Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook Small Business Marketing Partner

Facebook Small Business Marketing Partner

We are delighted to announce that Adtaxi has been named a Facebook Marketing Partner, an honor earned by a select group of companies recognized for their solid track record of success driving exceptional results from Facebook campaigns.

Our mission at Adtaxi is to help advertisers solve complex marketing challenges with custom, performance-driven solutions. Being selected as a Facebook partner further represents what we strive for each day at Adtaxi, which is to arise as a cutting-edge industry leader that breeds success and impact on small and medium size businesses.

The Small Business Solutions Partner Badge was fortified with Adtaxi for our proprietary optimization platform, Quantum, which was created to help advertisers drive conversions and lower the cost of those conversions over time. Initially built to power RTB campaigns, it has now been extended to apply this same methodology to Facebook, allowing us to drive direct response solutions and help advertisers navigate the complexities of digital marketing and the Facebook ecosystem.

“Earning the Facebook Partner Badge is a significant accomplishment for our organization and greatly enhances the opportunity for our Quantum solution,” said Chris Loretto, Executive Vice President of Adtaxi. “We are excited to partner with Facebook and receive recognition for the work we do as an innovator, continuously seeking creative and effective solutions for our customers."

As a Small Business Solutions Partner, our clients will benefit from our continued commitment to superior campaign management, direct support from Facebook, transparency, training, adherence to best practices and the ability to be at the forefront of the fast-paced evolution that FB is known for.

To learn more about Facebook for Quantum, please visit the Social Media page of our website and check out how we drove a 634% increase in return on advertising spend for a client.

Adtaxi Takes Home Third Place at INMA Global Media Awards


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—Agency Recognized in ‘Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client’ Category—

DENVER (June 2, 2017) – Adtaxi, a leading and innovative digital marketing agency, won the third-place spot in the “Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client” category at the International News Media Association (INMA) Global Media Awards on May 23 at the awards dinner, held in New York. The Global Media Awards competition received 655 entries from 196 media companies, spanning across 36 countries around the world.

Adtaxi showcased Magellan, their proprietary optimization platform, as their submission. Magellan—which finds efficiencies in the bidding process in order to maximize marketers’ budgets dynamically across their digital campaigns—was created to help advertisers drive conversions over clicks and lower the cost of those conversions over time. Becoming a finalist at the INMA Global Media Awards shines a light on Adtaxi’s creative growth initiatives, their innovation in audience and brand development, along with their ability to maximize revenue potential for clients.

“It’s an honor to be counted amongst these great leaders of the industry who are every day working to create more innovative solutions for advertisers,” said Chris Loretto, Executive Vice President of Adtaxi. “This has been an exciting opportunity to showcase Magellan’s cutting-edge technology and the recognition it has received only energizes us to forge further ahead.”

“At Adtaxi, we believe the increasing recognition that Magellan, and our company as a whole, receives show our strength and potential as one of the nation’s leading digital marketing agencies. We hope to continue to grow and be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovative digital marketing strategies,” added Loretto.

In addition to winning third place in the “Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client” category at the INMA Global Media Awards, Adtaxi earned the 2016 Google Channel Sales Innovator Award. This award also recognized the impressive, leading edge technology in Adtaxi’s Magellan optimization tool.

About Adtaxi Founded in 2010 within Digital First Media, Adtaxi made its mark in programmatic advertising before expanding into search, social, email and native. Over time, Adtaxi has refined and perfected its conversions-based approach, which became the foundation of the Magellan optimization technology launched in 2015. Adtaxi functions as a true partner with its clients, acting as a single point of contact and support through multi-platform campaign cycles. Find Adtaxi on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Adtaxi is an INMA Global Media Award Finalist


We're super excited to have been selected as one of the finalists for the International News Media Association's (INMA) Global Media Awards that reward innovation in audience, revenue, and brand development. There were 115 finalists chosen from 655 entries across 36 countries. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 23, at the Global Media Awards Dinner in New York.

We submitted for the 'Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client' category showcasing how Magellan, our proprietary optimization platform, has proven to help advertisers drive conversions and lower the cost of those conversions over time. You can check out our entry here.