1. the minimum amount of physical entity involved in an interaction

Using data to drive performance

A quantum is one of the many building blocks or data points we use when managing your digital marketing campaigns. These individual “blocks” from disparate platforms feed how we optimize. No two sets of data are the same – meaning each and every campaign and optimization, is unique and customized to your goals. We understand how the most granular pieces of data – when looked at individually and holistically – work together to impact overall performance and deliver an optimal digital marketing campaign for your business.


Meet Quantum

Leveraging the power of machine learning, Adtaxi's innovative algorithm drives omnichannel optimizations across channels to maximize performance and deliver superior value for advertisers.

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Quantum Significantly Boosts Campaign Performance

We conducted a thorough data analysis across thousands of advertisers over two years with the goal of deriving insights into the performance of our Quantum versus non-Quantum campaigns. The results are staggering. When leveraging the Quantum Optimization Platform, data shows considerable improvement in CPA across social, native, and pre-roll campaigns. 


Quantum, our performance-based platform maximizes the budget dynamically across all of your ad groups. This optimization platform analyzes performance and maintains efficiency with your budget across your display, video, social, search, and native campaigns.



We eliminate the noise of digital marketing and focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

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Anyone can deliver impressions and clicks. We help you find prospects and turn them into customers.



Our Quantum platform drives the cost of acquiring those customers lower and lower over time.


Now with omnichannel optimization

Quantum doesn’t just optimize within a platform, it can now optimize across your RTB, search, and social campaigns to drive even greater value and return from your advertising budget. First offering Quantum’s omnichannel solution to automotive advertisers, Quantum has the building blocks to be smarter, to be more flexible, to allow for greater utility, and to generate better performance for our clients.

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