Study: 81% of Americans Consider Amazon Their Go-To Online Retailer

2019 ‘Online Shopping and Retailer Trends’ Survey Unveils Data on
Shopping Habits, Time Spent Online vs. In-Store, Price Comparing and More


DENVER (May 7, 2019)Adtaxi, one of the country’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, today released the results of its 2019 Online Shopping and Retailer Trends Survey. An annual investigation into the behaviors and trends of American digital consumers, the survey sheds light on shoppers’ evolving relationship with online retailers, covering topics from Amazon habits to consumer priorities and emerging technology.
“It’s clear that e-commerce has grown well past one-stop and impulse shopping. Americans are spending more time and money online, and they’re shopping smarter and savvier,” said Cameron Walker, Director of Amazon at Adtaxi. “Retailers, marketers and developers need to meet consumers where they are – which is online, and across multiple channels and platforms.”

Among the study’s findings:
●        Amazon: 81% of Americans consider Amazon their go-to retailer. In addition, 78% use Amazon Prime, while 70% have used the Amazon mobile app and 60% say their buying process is affected if an item is not listed as Prime. Overall, 43% say their Amazon experience is excellent, while 43% say good and 2% say poor.

 ●        Online Shopping Frequency: 7% say they shop online every day (up from 2% last year), while 25% say they shop online a few times per week (up from 13% last year) and 2% say they never shop online (down from 6% last year).

 ●        Online vs. In-Store: 66% say they spend more time online shopping than in-store shopping, while 56% say they spend more money online shopping. In addition, the most commonly e-purchased products among online shoppers are electronics (68%), clothing (66%) and household items (65%).

 ●        Price Shopping: 44% of online shoppers say they always compare prices across multiple sites, while 48% say sometimes and 8% say never.

 ●        Online Reviews: 55% of online shoppers say they always read customer reviews before making a purchase, while 42% say sometimes and 3% say never.

 “With an unmatched capacity to meet online shoppers’ core preferences, it’s no surprise that Amazon dominates the e-commerce space,” Walker said. “Retailers take note: jumping on board with ad buys and an Amazon store can be the key to getting noticed and rising above the competition.”

The study was conducted online using Survey Monkey. One thousand seventy-two participants were polled, spanning across the United States. The demographics of those polled represented a broad range of household income, geographic location, age, and gender.