5 Tips for Creating Engaging Video Ads

5 Ingenious Tips for Creating Your Best Video Ads Yet


Jennifer Flanagan

Dec 07 2017

Digital video advertising is quickly outpacing other forms of online advertising content, and marketers everywhere are jumping on board to create responsive online video ads that can cut through the clutter and social feed noise to really engage with target audiences. By 2019, nearly half of ALL digital display advertising spend by 2019 will be on video ads, predicts Zenith Media.
Social media is the key here. Nearly all millennials are consuming video ad content on a daily basis with their mobile devices. As a result, Zenith expects mobile ad spending to grow to $18 billion by next year. Another advantage is how visual nature of video helps marketers target prospective customers at different points of their conversion journeys, and this also helps marketers justify the higher costs of video ads.

New video formats

Video ads are evolving, too. The relatively new ad format of native outstream video ads is catching on fast. These are high quality ads placed within online pages between text paragraphs. They match easily with news story headlines, increasing the relevance factor and social media value for readers and social users.

And Live videos from Facebook are increasing as well. In-stream ads during live videos also work for particular audiences. In all cases, video is the millennial’s choice of advertising, and you can count on video increasing in quantity and quality in the coming years.

Creative effective video ads

The days of your CEO or brand spokesperson are fading away. Today, marketers need to know how to create more effective video advertisements and effectively implement and distribute them. Follow these tips below to succeed quickly with your video advertising program.

1. Help viewers project:

What do consumers see in your product? Is it necessary in their lives? If you can use video to show how consumers can use your product in their lives, you’re already on the right track. Try a ad with a visual twist at the start, or a attention-grabbing device.

2. No time to lose!

In creating video ads, every second counts to attract a viewer’s attention. So get straight to the goal of the video, with visuals, script and call-to-actions. Shorter videos work best. Can you deliver in 10 seconds? 15 seconds? Or 30 seconds? Whichever length is right for your product or service, that’s the one to meet for your intended audience.

3. Engage immediately:

The first few seconds of a video are when consumers make the decision to click away or continue watching. Your video needs to have a hook. How can you grab your audience in the first three to five seconds of your video? Is it a catchy phrase? An in-your-face announcement? A great way to do this is to twist the expected, and show a new way to a common product or service.

4. Remember a CTA:

CTAs are (mostly) everything! In video ads, get your viewer’s attention quickly, and spur that viewer to click through the video ad to a call-to-action web page. That’s the end result for many marketers, so get this piece right. Make it easy for your viewers to make a call, fill in an online form or go straight to purchase.

5. Let Google help!

Google has tweaked its algorithms in recent years to be more generous in its search rankings to video content and video ads. Distributing your videos on social media feeds, embedding them within your site content, and sharing with followers will boost your chances of being found in relevant information searches in Google.

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