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Adtaxi Spotlight: Ecommerce and High Fashion


Jennifer Flanagan

Jul 11 2017

Evan Tennant, Adtaxi’s eCommerce sales manager was recently featured as an ecommerce expert in two articles focused on the luxury shopping category. Private Air asked what happens when ecommerce meets high fashion?

“Luxury shopping is defined by two narratives,” Tennant explains. “First, companies like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Gucci love to tell their stories, their history. Another one is their service – that whole white glove touch.” The new multi-channel site offers a new way to achieve both goals, according to Tennant. In fact, he maintains that luxury fashion retailers can tell their stories even better online than in their brick and mortar stores. “This is a chance to really up your game,” he says. “There is no better place for storytelling than the Internet. “If you are looking around a Louis Vuitton store, you are probably not going to take the time to read a book about the history of Louis Vuitton, but on a website, you can barrage (customers) with your company story.” Tennant acknowledges that there will always be fashion customers who want to visit actual brick and mortar stores to feel the fabric and to try things on, but he mentions that increasingly, these same customers often leave the store to comparison shop online. “Whether a customer buys online or in person, you can still offer them that same level of luxury service,” says Tennant.

Luxury Daily brought to light on LVMH and it’s multi-brand ecommerce move, Evan once again weighed in.

“As research from major Amazon merchants shows, the synergy between crosschannel marketing and running alongside the consumer throughout the path to purchase creates a hockey stick model of optimization,” said Evan Tennant, ecommerce sales manager at AdTaxi, New York. “Taking a piece out of the puzzle can create a barrier along the journey,” he said. “Whether a new conglomerate marketplace serves a research engine or is a force to drive revenue, the synergy is energy worth harnessing for any major etailer. “Transparency also goes a long way with today’s consumers. If they had a predisposition to any of the conglomerated brands prior, chances are, by landing on a brand or category they initially sought and seeing affiliation, it would increase trust and reputation over tarnishing it.”

Ecommerce can be a big area to tackle for businesses, and focusing solely on the point of conversion can ignore the customer experience. Adtaxi recommends applying smart budget segmentation strategies across all stages and span cross-channel & device to influence more valuable consumers.

Learn more about Adtaxi’s ecommerce approach and custom solutions.

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