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Benefiting From Omnichannel Marketing in Retail


Jennifer Flanagan

Jun 08 2017

Today, 77 percent of Americans own smartphones, half own tablets, and about 80 percent own a desktop or laptop, according to a 2017 Pew Research Report. With such a wide variety of devices on which to purchase products, retailers should be capitalizing on the opportunity to reach consumers in multiple ways. That’s where omnichannel marketing comes in.
In addition to allowing retailers to target all devices easily and with a consistent brand strategy, there are other benefits to using a multichannel sales approach. Here are three to consider:

Increased Customization

Consumers want to feel as though retailers care about their shopping experiences and want to meet their needs.

By providing more options for customers when they’re shopping, you’re enhancing customization, personalizing their shopping experiences, and helping to make customers feel nurtured.

For instance, you can collect email addresses from customers, learn about their buying habits, and send specific product suggests to various groups of customers.

Better Data Collection

Expanding your visibility across different devices and channels increases the volume and type of consumers who are exposed to your brand.

With more customers viewing your products comes an increase in a company’s opportunity to gather data and, in turn, insights. You can learn things like which products are the most popular and how often loyal customers buy from you. These insights help companies better understand their customers’ wants, needs, habits, and actions so marketers can improve their messages.

Power to Harness Next Moments

Omnichannel marketing is your key to reaching consumers in “micro-moments,” those crucial seconds when they instinctively reach for a device to do research or make a purchase.

According to an article in “Inc.” magazine, consumers experience an average of 150 micro-moments in a day. Without knowing which device consumers will turn to, omnichannel marketing increases your chances of being discovered and turning these precious moments into interactions.

When consumers find your brand in a micro-moment, your message needs to capture their interest to automatically usher them into a next-moment action. This is your opportunity to turn a consumer into a customer — an opportunity you may have missed if you were only using one channel.


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