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Boost Your Video Strategy by Leveraging the Second Screen


Jennifer Flanagan

Jul 22 2020

Streaming video has forever changed how and when people watch their favorite programming. It isn’t just about the big screen anymore. Families can watch different programming across a variety of devices anywhere, anytime.

And with shorter attention spans and mobile devices always in reach, audiences are multitasking during their streaming time. Over 70% of streaming TV viewers say they use a mobile device to look up a product they see related to the ads or content they are watching. Second screen ad capabilities improve the ability to follow up on an ad by 75%.  

Essentially, second-screen viewing means TV is no longer a solitary experience. People watch, then comment and share on social feeds with friends and strangers to discuss what’s happening. Or, they look for products seen either on the show or during the ads, trying to gather more details to consider completing a purchase.

Opportunity for Brands

While a second screen may seem like it’s detracting from TV streaming, it’s actually doing the opposite. Users indicate increased engagement as they are looking for details directly related to programming or products they are seeing. For marketers, this means it’s important to have a calculated and a strategic approach to connect with these users.

Here are a few ways to reach audiences based on data-driven campaign decisions for the most impact.

  • Video content must be mobile friendly. According to eMarketer, 75% of all video views are on mobile devices and 92% of users watching on mobile are likely to share with others. This is the optimal platform for your messaging to be viewed for increased exposure. By using technologies such as QR codes and push notifications, advertisers can prompt viewers to take action to learn more or buy products they see on the big screen. The ability to interact with commercials seen on streaming services has been proven to only increase brand awareness but also drive sales. 

  • Align your messaging with your video and CTV strategy. Retarget users on mobile or portable devices who have seen your brand’s messaging while streaming, and do so quickly while the message is fresh.  Users are 72% more likely to covert when targeted with relevant content messaging. 

  • Leverage live events to reach users across screens. Whether it be sports, breaking news live broadcasts or other widely viewed live events, audiences are likely using multiple screens to not only watch, but also follow what others are saying on social media. 

With video consumption on the rise, leveraging the second screen has become an additional way to expand your brand’s reach. Moving consumers through the buying process across screens can help increase awareness and drive sales effectively and efficiently.

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