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How An Agency Can Help You Get The Most From Your YouTube Ads


Jennifer Flanagan

Jun 15 2021

Thanks to evolving digital trends and consumer habits, brought about in part by the Covid-19 pandemic, people are increasingly abandoning linear TV and looking to alternative platforms for their video entertainment. While digital ad-supported subscription outlets are seeing a surge due to their premium content offerings, YouTube is quickly emerging as a popular frontrunner. 

In fact, according to recent statistics, 6 out of 10 people now prefer YouTube to linear TV. Every month, people watch six billion hours of YouTube videos, with more than half of those coming from mobile devices. YouTube now trails only Google as the 2nd most visited website and the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. 

Because of this incredible reach and audience engagement, it should come as no surprise that YouTube is becoming an advertising epicenter. The number of advertisers running ads on YouTube is up more than 49% year over year, and Alphabet, YouTube’s parent company, recently announced that YouTube brought in $6 billion in ad revenue during Q1 of 2021. The bottom line: 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.

Advertising on YouTube should be a consideration for brands of all sizes; the numbers simply cannot be ignored. If your business is considering or is already advertising on YouTube, partnering with an experienced agency could help you get the ultimate bang for your YouTube advertising buck.

Why Work With An Agency?

An agency that specializes in YouTube marketing can help uncover opportunities that will allow your products and services to reach new markets and help directly target your key audience so you get the best ROI for your marketing dollars. The best YouTube marketing agencies will offer complete 3rd party management of online video publishing and YouTube management across other channels. 

When looking for an agency, key things to consider are their understanding of your core customer base and marketing goals, expertise in building effective and strategic video content, the ability to anticipate and implement new platform trends, a solid track record of success, and a reputation for being honest and transparent.

A specialized marketing agency should also offer expertise in essential YouTube services like:

  •  YouTube channel development: Your agency should have experience in creating a new channel, uploading video content to that channel, and optimizing video metadata.

  • YouTube channel management: This includes video content storage, uploading, and publishing.

  • YouTube video SEO: They should be adept at optimizing video content placement with targeted keywords.

  • YouTube analytics: Your agency should make good use of analytics for reporting and analysis on video and channel performance.

An experienced and reputable YouTube marketing firm should also have the expertise to help with developing a strategy, building compelling messaging, and creating the perfect video for each of these steps. Let’s take a look at these important considerations:

How to Strategize

An agency can help your brand define and strategize video content plans based on your overall marketing objectives, customers’ needs, brand territory, and the resources needed to achieve your goals, which includes the types of video content that are most sustainable for your brand.

Defining these strategy objectives will help develop targeted content that will build awareness, influence buyer considerations, drive sales, and grow customer loyalty and retention to your brand. An experienced agency will also know how to work within and beyond your specific industry.

Delivering the Right Messaging

The right agency will know how to guide you in creating video content that puts your products and messaging right in front of your intended audience. As with any effective marketing content, compelling and engaging storytelling that grabs and holds an audience is key. It’s important for both you and your agency to know what resonates with your audience and then develop the best video content to reach them. Content should sell your message by surprising and delighting your audience while building an emotional connection and inspiring them to take action.

A savvy agency will also make good use of analytics to determine what video content is working and what’s not and how to shift strategy and messaging during each step of the sales journey. They will also know what type and format of video works best for various marketing goals.

Choosing a Winning Combination

Finding the right YouTube marketing agency is an important consideration that demands research and due diligence. The perfect social media marketing agency will need to ensure your campaigns are meeting the right standards, hitting the right audience, and are being optimized for maximum effect. They will also need to know your brand intimately and how to best market it. 

The specialized social media agency marketplace has gotten crowded as of late, and you’ll find no shortage of agencies to choose from. Still, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly or done in haste, but hiring and partnering with an experienced agency with a track record of success will be an investment that can pay off in dividends.

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