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Key Social Media Strategies for Automotive Dealerships


Jennifer Flanagan

Sep 12 2017

Social media has significantly impacted the way car shoppers connect with dealerships. With almost a quarter of new-vehicle shoppers using social media for research in 2016, we can assume that percentage has increased even more in the last 2 years.

That’s why dealerships have to “up” their game on social media, to attract car buyers. Here’s a look at four social platforms that can engage today’s buyers.


Instagram gives dealers the chance to show great pictures. This is a platform that demands creativity and top-notch imagery.

Rather than taking a generic exterior shot of a car, try showing a feature inside, or showcase the lifestyle that a car evokes.


Cisco reports that internet video traffic will continue to grow fourfold from 2016 to 2021. As buyers research cars online, they’re turning to videos to compare features. A video that walks the consumer around a car, takes them inside, and explores each of the car’s features is almost as good as seeing it firsthand.

Create short videos that help consumers see a car as they would if they were on your lot, and share these videos on your social channels.


This platform’s to-the-point messages are attractive to car buyers looking to efficiently research and select a car.

Share pictures, links to car buying guides, finance tips, and testimonials via Twitter, and consider using advertising that targets consumers who are ready to buy through keyword-specific ads.


The oldest of the social media platforms shouldn’t be left off a dealer’s social plan. Facebook has a wide reach, with 1.32 billion active users every day, as of June 2017.

Buying Facebook ads can help you reach buyers with targeted ads that are based on your dealership’s location, demographics, or past buying behavior.

In March, Honda launched a 360-degree video Facebook ad for its CR-V model. The ad featured three separate settings that could be selected based on the viewers’ Facebook data.

Social platforms will continue to spur display ad spend growth as automakers use social media’s targeting tools to reach potential buyers. To be successful in this digital age, dealerships have to evolve and reach consumers as they’re conducting research and making decisions online. If you need help utilizing social media to its fullest, reach out to an experienced digital marketing agency for guidance.

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