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Retargeting 201: The Basics of Dynamic Retargeting Success

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Jennifer Flanagan

Jan 23 2018

Previous blog posts looked at Facebook Dynamic Retargeted Ads. Now, it’s time to cover the basics of making retargeted ads in Google Web Designer.
You already know the benefits of retargeting consumers directly with dynamic retargeting. It’s a great strategy for marketers because it allows online advertisers to make every retargeting ad relevant and personal to consumers as they move around the web.

Display ads with retargeting campaigns are helping fuel the growth of display advertising. By 2019, statistics estimate that marketers’ spending on display ads will be nearly 30 percent higher than on search advertising.

The right platform for your campaign

Existing customer data is the key to developing a solid remarketing campaign. You can set up a retargeting campaign, for example, using your existing email list of web visitors who clicked on your site but didn’t make a conversion or purchase. You can also use Google, AdRoll or Facebook to help send a retargeted offer to site visitors.

Marketers can sometimes achieve their goals for a retargeting campaign with simple, text-based ads. These are designed to pop up on a web session to gently remind consumers to return to a site visited earlier for a possible purchase. Other times it makes sense to run retargeting campaigns through Facebook Dynamic Remarketing, which uses code on your website to shoot copy ads via Facebook to people who visited your site.

But when your target audience needs more than just a simple text-based reminder, it’s time to create distinctive display ads for your retargeting campaign in Google Web Designer. This program is easy to download from the Google Web Designer home page.

Google Web Designer gives web designers and ad teams HTML5 design elements in a stage interface filled with multiple format sizes, media tools and design elements. It’s simple to set up and easy to use. It’s truly where responsive ad design and animation is built. Once you have Web Designer installed, your team can design interactive ads for retargeting and build responsive ads (even with animation), all within the intuitive interface.

Read the basics of Google Web Designer customized display ads below, and learn how to use this ad format to bring in more click-throughs and conversions for your website.

Using Google Web Designer

Maybe you’re trying to create an animated ad to retarget customers for a specific promotion on your website. Google Web Designer works well in this situation. Your designer can create ads in a variety of industry standard sizes (320×50, 160×600, 728×90, 300×250, etc.) to run in different ad slots. In creative circles, 300×250 ads are the most common size for ads in remarketing campaigns used by web designers.

Keep these crucial elements in mind for your retargeting campaign using Google Web Designer:

– Photos in your retargeted ads should display products from the pages or categories visited by the customer. If you’re unable to link the product images, use images that are closely aligned with your brand. Google Web Designer can help align image sizes for your campaign. Avoid stock images, as customers will simply skip over them.

– Use a variety of ads, brand copy and different sizes in your A/B tests. Be consistent with the ads that run on your retargeting campaign to match the content visited on your site. Pay attention to which ads resonate with your customers.

– Get dynamic with Web Designer. You can link text boxes and images with a dynamic feed using Google Web Designer templates. These can be integrated with DoubleClick Studio to help marketers and advertisers find new ways to reach creative heights.

Ad retargeting can come in many different shapes and formats. Google Web Designer creatives can give your remarketing campaign the right touch you need to convert web visitors into paying customers.

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