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Study: Spike in E-Commerce Will Outlive COVID-19 Crisis


Jennifer Flanagan

Apr 13 2020

—Adtaxi Releases Data from ‘Coronavirus and E-Commerce’ Survey—


DENVERAdtaxi—one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies—today announced the results of its Coronavirus and E-Commerce consumer survey, which examines trends in consumer behavior related to e-commerce, advertising, digital and traditional media use and purchases in response to the crisis. According to the new study, 56% of respondents report shopping online more now than ever before, and, more significantly, 53% plan to do more of their shopping online after the crisis is over. 

In the current “social distancing” era, with more time spent browsing and shopping online, exposure to digital marketing has also increased. In fact, 45% of respondents report paying closer attention to advertising during this crisis. Supporting consumers’ desire for transparency, 68% find it helpful when companies address the Coronavirus crisis in their advertising, and 62% agree that companies who address the crisis in advertising have their best interests at heart. 

“In this environment of prolonged social distancing, the world is going online to access information, connections and products they can trust,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “This presents a rare opportunity for companies to speak directly to an attentive and thoughtful audience, building product and brand awareness for the present as well as the burgeoning digital future.”

Among the study’s additional findings:

  • Conversions Continue: 54% of respondents report making a purchase from an ad in March. Among them, 79% were spurred to action by a digital ad, and 49% were only motivated by digital ads and nothing else.

  • Social Soars: Among those who report purchasing from an ad in March, 40% report purchasing from social media ads. TV ads and email/newsletter ads tied for second at 29%, followed by mobile app/text message ads at 24%.

  • Time Tells: 57% of respondents are spending more time online due to the Coronavirus. 52% are spending more time searching online, and 46% are spending more time on social media and on local news sites. 46% are also spending more time streaming content. 

  • Comfort Comes First: Provided a diverse array of options, 62% of respondents reported wanting to make a purchase that made them feel ‘Comfortable’. In second place, 58% chose ‘Healthy’, followed by ‘Relaxed’ at 47% and ‘Safe and Secure’ at 42%. 

“For marketers, 2020 has been defined by rapid changes in consumer attitudes and priorities. While it is important to craft a long-term strategy to weather this storm, companies should not forget the value of a rapid and informed response in the short-term,” Loretto said. “This data confirms what many of us know instinctively. Now is the moment for brands to reach consumers with clear, empathetic and responsive digital marketing efforts.”

MethodologyThis survey was conducted for Adtaxi online via Survey Monkey. A national sample of 766 adults were surveyed on April 2nd, 2020 spanning across U.S. geographic regions, income levels, gender and age.

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