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Three Site Features That Drive Conversions

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Jennifer Flanagan

Aug 01 2017

Every business wants a website that converts visitors into customers. But if your website isn’t impressive, your conversion rates won’t be either.

To help brands drive conversions, here are three features every site should have:

1. Landing pages

Landing pages are a great way to generate leads. These pages, which aren’t tied to your primary website, can help companies collect contacts and email addresses.

An email campaign that encourages customers to learn about a new lawn care service, for example, might lead customers to a specific landing page. Once on the page, a call to action takes interested customers to a form where they can leave their contact information in exchange for a discount.

The customer gets a great deal, and the company gets a lead that could turn into a loyal customer.

2. Live chat

If potential customers stop by your website, you want to make sure they get all of the information they’re seeking. While your website can cover everything your brand does and sells in various web pages, there’s nothing like talking to an actual human being.

By setting up a live chat option, you give customers a chance to ask questions, get more information, and learn more about your product or business.

Aside from engaging the customer on a human level, the live chat option can also help you discover what’s missing on your company website. If, for example, customers consistently ask about a return policy, your company can make changes to its site to accommodate this need.

3. Call tracking

You want your website to be optimized for mobile business, so that if a smartphone user browses your site, he or she can tap your phone number and call you instantly.

Besides including your phone number on your website and business profiles (such as Google My Business), you can also track the calls that happen as the result of a paid ad.

As much as 70 percent of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads, according to Google. When you run an ad, you’ll not only get to see how many calls came in because of the ad, you can also see which keywords in the ad triggered the most calls. This feature, called website call conversions, gives you valuable insight into your target audience.

To improve your conversion rate, consider adding these three features to your company website.

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