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Understanding The Power & Trackability of Connected TV


Jennifer Flanagan

Mar 16 2021

Cord-cutting and the shift to Connected TV (CTV) are on the rise with no end in sight. Many advertisers know it’s a necessity but with users unable to click on the ads due to the nature of the platform, they may be unsure how to prove it’s working. For that, CTV advertising may not be receiving the budget allocation it deserves. 

CTV ads are effective due to the combination of sight, sound, and emotion capturing the viewers attention. This powerful medium can then leverage data to refine your targeting strategy with digital precision. CTV can also improve brand awareness and drive conversions across devices with the help of view through attribution and second screen retargeting using sequential messaging to drive action. 

With shorter attention spans and mobile devices always in reach, audiences are multitasking during their streaming time. Over 70% of streaming TV viewers say they use a mobile device to look up a product they see related to the ads or content they are watching. Second screen ad capabilities improve the ability to follow up on an ad by 75%.  

For more on how Connected TV can help your business, check out our case study. It covers out recent campaigns with a client whose goal was to optimize and track CTV performance to significantly reduce the eCPA for loyalty rewards app installs and effectively quantify a lift in downloads in just 8 days. By combining CTV ads and mobile display retargeting to reach users who recently watched 50% or more of CTV ad without yet installing the app, we were able to increase installs while significantly decreasing eCPA.  CTV brings enormous power and trackability to your digital campaigns, far beyond what’s expected.

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