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What Facebook AR Ads Mean for Your Business


Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 04 2018


Facebook is driving yet another advertising innovation with its recent launch of augmented reality ads. These in-feed ads leverage cutting-edge AR technology to make the ad personal and the advertising experience fun.

Generally, AR involves superimposing computer-generated images over real-world video or camera images. Facebook’s mobile camera permissions will allow advertisers to offer AR video experiences from within normal-looking news feed ads.

How will this help a business? If it sells sunglasses, for instance, a static news feed ad showcasing a pair of designer sunglasses can now be overlaid with a “tap to try on” feature button that opens AR capabilities within the app and allows the user to see the sunglasses on their face in real time.

How Can Consumers Interact With AR Ads?

Facebook anticipates AR ads will present an experience that mobile phone users will want to interact with, increasing the probability of click-through conversions. Each tap to “try on” can allow your customers to sample lipstick shades, hat styles, or the latest jewelry trends without ever stepping foot inside the store.

Large furniture pieces, draperies, or home accessory products can be superimposed on pictures of the shopper’s home taken with a mobile phone in real time, providing a level of personalization not possible with a traditional in-store experience. Easing into larger (and potentially more difficult to return) purchases with this immediate feedback can help build consumer trust and increase purchase conversions.

Marketers advertising experiences can consider offering “picture yourself here” ads or sharing interactive elements of the destination or event. Facebook users will be able to create static photos of their AR ad experiences for easy sharing with their friends, and all AR ads can be equipped with calls to action.

What Tools Will Facebook’s Video Creation Kit Offer?

Facebook is launching a video creation kit to help businesses convert from static photo ads to the video-based news feed advertising that their users prefer. With just a few clicks, advertisers can upload existing images and add overlays and logos to build mobile-first video ads.

Video creation kit and AR ad availability will roll out to Facebook advertisers throughout 2018 in anticipation of the end-of-year holiday season.


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