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Improving Performance with In-Depth
Data Analysis

How our data-driven strategy delivered 300% more business for this law firm

Case Study

digital marketing for the Legal Industry

The Challenges

  • Extract more out of their online advertising
  • Past traditional ad programs were becoming less and less effective
  • Former digital agency was not delivering on performance or brand awareness
  • Cases were down 80%
  • Cost per lead was continuing to skyrocket
legal marketing

The Solutions

  • Analyze CRM for profitability
  • Implement offline attribution
  • Overhaul search keywords
  • Incorporate multi-language ads
  • Develop video and display ads for prospecting and conversions
  • Redefine conversion tactics

Key Insights

Dig deep into analyzing your CRM, as there’s likely a trail of insights to use to make good business decisions. For this client, TV penetration has continued to decrease. As marketers, we must fill the gap. This is where leveraging video across platforms, especially CTV is critical.

The Results

150% increase in website traffic
3x increase in qualified leads
55% decrease in cost per retained case

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