Nonprofit Makes History with Adtaxi
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Nonprofit Makes History

Programmatic Helps Nonprofit Raise Historic Funds With New and Past Donors, Maximizing ROAS

Case Study

The Challenges

  • Traditional fundraising was ineffective for short campaigns
  • Struggling to drive repeat donations from past donors
  • Proving to new donors that their donation is directly affecting the field

The Solutions

  • Dynamic creative optimization to collect data and insight for conversion
  • Leveraged programmatic to encourage repeat donations, retargeting previous donors
  • Utilized social display ads to engage and generate donations

Key Insights

Adtaxi’s programmatic solution was critical to historic funds raised, effective over traditional fundraising to drive donations in a short 5-week span. Reassurance language in ad copy, CTA buttons, and videos were critical to bestow trust in new donors. For social, dynamic creative optimization was vital to collect data on the type of creative for higher conversion. Adtaxi’s “funnel” approach was successful in nurturing the prospecting audience from being unfamiliar/unaware of the nonprofit to donating.

The Results

$3.4M donations over 5-week span
Increased ROAS for Q4 only 30 days from launch
Bestowed trust in new donors

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