Social Media Marketing: How To Increase The #Love

love With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a sweet time to think about why people like and unlike brands on Facebook. The holidays are a unique time to grow your relationship with customers and clients through your social channels. Here are a few bite-sized ideas to increase the social “love!”

Celebration Real Connection

Give fans a reason to interact with your business this Valentine’s Day. First, consider the aspects of your business that your fans like the most. In 2015, Starbucks and teamed up to host the “World’s Largest Starbucks Date.” Not surprising, as Starbucks was recently voted among the most popular places for a first date.” This idea is so popular that the online dating site has created a “meet at Starbucks” feature available for its users. ‘On Starbucks’ end, the brand developed the partnership as a way to celebrate what it already encourages: connection.’ (Source: ABC) For Valentine’s Day last year, they ran a holiday campaign to promote the “World Largest Starbucks date.


Evaluate this: What are your fans top interests? Do your customers love low prices? Contest promotions? Attending events? Understanding the common thread between your brand and your customers will allow you to fabricate a successful Valentine’s Day campaign.

Trigger Emotion and Sentiment

Many social marketers believe that curating an emotional reaction through content marketing is essential to make posts go viral. In a study regarding the shareability of articles at the New York Times, it was discovered that awe was the second most viral type of content to be shared. (Source: Social Media Today) / (Source: Wishpond)

Fruitful social campaigns personalize content and enable real customer connections, engagement, and ultimately action.


Currently, Oreo is running a campaign featuring Red Velvet flavored Oreos for Valentine’s Day. ‘The campaign centers around the idea that Red Velvet seems to have a certain ‘effect’ on people, no matter their age, personality, or relationship status. Over the course of this week leading up to Valentine’s Day, Oreo is releasing six short videos highlighting the effect of Red Velvet on everyday situations that could use a little love. The videos are being housed on YouTube, and supported with GIFs and Valentine’s-themed messaging across Oreo’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr where Oreo is inviting fans to “feel the feelings.”  (Source: 360i) The goal of this Valentine’s Day campaign is to provide stories about awkward, unexpected romance, and this campaign touches a wide-ranging audience.

Follow these tips, and your brand will feel the #love! How do you connect with your customers during Valentine’s Day? Let us know!

Author: Lili Foltz | @lilifoltz