New Survey: Streaming TV Reigns Supreme for Super Bowl LVIII

New Survey: Streaming TV Reigns Supreme for Super Bowl LVIII

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Jennifer Flanagan

Jan 25 2024

29% of respondents are more likely to follow football, influenced by Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce – 

PLUS: Dedicated Taylor Swift fans are nearly 3x more likely to purchase sports-related merchandise

DENVER, CO (January 25, 2024)— Adtaxi—one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, today announced the results of its annual Super Bowl Viewership survey. The Super Bowl continues to set viewership records and remains a pivotal event in American culture, with recent games incorporating advanced technology and social media to enhance the viewer experience. According to survey findings, the 58th annual championship game will continue to push boundaries and rely heavily on digital services for viewership. 

“It is not surprising that we continue to see the shift of viewers from traditional sources to streaming options,” said Adtaxi Director of Research, Murry Woronoff. “From 2023 to 2024, the streaming TV audience share is set to grow by 19%. That is compared to a 27% decline in viewership from year to year for broadcast and cable TV. This data points to a changing TV landscape where streaming services are capturing a larger segment of the traditional television audience. We anticipate this trend to continue for years to come.” 

Among the survey’s findings on Super Bowl viewership: 

Streaming’s Steady Success: According to this year’s survey, 36% of adults are expected to watch this year’s Super Bowl primarily via streaming TV. Additionally, the audience for streaming TV is projected to match the combined viewership figures of broadcast television (20%) and cable TV (16%). Additionally, 10% claim to use a streaming service as a secondary content platform. Overall, 45% of the adult Super Bowl audience incorporates streaming TV services into their overall game-day viewing experience.

Enthusiasm for the Game: The survey reveals evolving viewer interest in the Super Bowl, with 41% of participants expressing peak enthusiasm for the game itself, a modest rise from 38% in the previous year. Interest in the halftime show has seen a more significant increase with 34% of respondents indicating it as their highlight, up from 27% last year.

Social Media Consumption: Research indicates that, on average, adults consuming the Super Bowl engage with an additional 2.1 media platforms for related content. The survey found that 71% of the adult Super Bowl audience claims they will use additional media platforms beyond their primary consumption method. Among these platforms, social media has emerged as a top choice for users of streaming services. Further pointing to a decrease in reliance, broadcast and cable post high as a secondary source.

Among the survey’s findings on Taylor Swift’s impact on football, viewership and sales:

Swift & The NFL: Due to the singer-songwriter’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, 45% of respondents claim the courtship has had some level of impact on their interest in the football world. Furthermore, among participants who identify themselves as dedicated fans, the audience reporting an influence on their actions exceeded 70%. 

Swift & Viewership: About 29% of those surveyed are more likely to follow professional football, including the Super Bowl, based on Swift’s impact. This figure doubles among her dedicated fans, highlighting a significant link between celebrity relationships and sports engagement.

Swift & Sales: 20% of respondents, and nearly 50% of Swift’s fans, are spurred to engage with sports content due to the singer-player relationship. Again looking at dedicated fans, they are almost three times more inclined to buy sports merchandise and twice as likely to support football-related charities.

“These findings reveal that influencers have a particularly strong impact on individuals who are already invested in their content or the related niche. As marketers, it is more important than ever to be aware of top trends and capitalize on them in advertising,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “It is equally as important to note where and how people are consuming content, as streaming services and social platforms grow in popularity.” You can download the full report for internal use HERE.


This survey was conducted online using Survey Monkey, among a sample of 1,137 adult respondents. The surveyed population is balanced across U.S. geographic regions, income levels, gender, and age. The survey was conducted on November 2, 2023.

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