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Social Media Holiday Guides For Advertisers


Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 22 2019

Businesses of all sizes know they need an engaging messaging to stand out in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. With shoppers being heavily influenced by a brand’s social media presence, marketers are turning to social platforms to expand their reach and influence audiences. Planning how to get on shopper’s wish lists doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Learn more about resources available to prepare your holiday marketing wish list.

Snapchat Holiday Gift Guide

Snapchat released its annual Holiday Gift Guide for 2019. With impressive stats showcasing the shopping habits for Snapchat’s 203M daily active users, the guide breaks down shopper profiles with insights and techniques for how and when to reach them on the platform. It also offers suggestions on which ads have the most impact for your desired audience. The guide assists advertisers in best creative practices and tools available for making a magical impact this holiday season. With 95% of app users saying Snapchat makes them feel happy, the engaged audience is ready for a fun and cheerful brand experience. 

Facebook Insights and Holiday Marketing Guide

In preparation for the biggest shopping time of the year, Facebook released several tools that highlight trends, past insights, and tricks for gaining an edge on the holiday market. The resources take past year’s learning and data insights to turn brand marketing into holiday gold.

The Facebook insights tool is a compilation of previous year’s finding showcasing how people shop and types of ads that drove purchase decisions. It is incredibly helpful aid for planning digital holiday strategies as marketers are assigning budgets for the season. Leveraging this data can assist in creating a campaign structure that is both impactful and cost effective.

In addition, Facebook also provide a 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide. The guide walks through ways to attract shoppers and engage existing customers to boost sales and purchase values.

The 63 page marketing planning tool covers everything from important dates, in-depth analysis of shopping behaviors, and step-by-step instructions on how to strategize at each phase. 

Twitter Holiday Guide

Every day, Twitter users are directly interacting with brands by following their accounts and expressing opinions on products and services. As an advertiser, this is a perfect opportunity to tap into this engaged audience with gift suggestions, influencing holiday purchase decisions.

Twitter offers the opportunity to provide some holiday cheer while also helping users with their shopping. To help marketers leverage the platform to drive holiday sales, Twitter has created its own guide to advertising during the holidays. The guide breaks down goals such as growing your audience, driving holiday sales, remarketing and creative ads, as well as tips to achieve each to make the holidays a glowing success. 

With all of these resources, social platforms are looking to become trusted advisers and reduce the barrier for those unfamiliar with emerging technology. By creating more trust in these partnerships, advertisers are encouraged to expand their digital strategy and techniques long past the holiday season.

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