New Study: 86% of Americans Believe Google Should Change The Way They Track Data
New Study: 86% of Americans Believe Google Should Change The Way They Track Data

New Study: 86% of Americans Believe Google Should Change The Way They Track Data

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Jennifer Flanagan

Nov 01 2022

– Privacy Concerns Reach All Time High – 

– PLUS: Majority of Americans Believe Online Experience Is Better Because of Personalization –

DENVER, CO (November 1, 2022) — Adtaxi, one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, today announced the results of its 2022 Privacy Concerns Survey. The survey’s findings show that now, more than ever, the vast majority of Americans (95%) are aware that their data is being tracked to some extent. As Americans have become more educated on tracking, 86% believe that Google should adjust how they track data and move forward with its plans to eliminate third-party cookies despite recent delays

The survey found that 38% of consumers would rather share contact information before any other sensitive information such as race, religion, browsing history, and financial information. That statistic is down from last year’s reading where 44% of respondents felt comfortable. Additionally, 6-in-10 online users do not typically allow any website to collect personal information of any kind.

“The findings from this latest survey are not surprising as users have been increasingly more judicious when it comes to tracking,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “As recent news of major companies like Google adjusting tracking information becomes accepted by the public at large, savvy digital marketers must be willing to readjust the way they track data, understand the value of privacy for consumers and learn new ways to deliver impactful marketing that resonate with an educated user-base.”

Among the surveys key findings include: 

  • Familiarity Increases Sharing of Info: 8-in-10 respondents say they are willing to share their personal data with sites they know. Only 7% of Americans strongly disagree, and are apprehensive of sharing data with sites they know and trust. Information most willing to be shared includes contact information such as name, e-mail and street address (37%); browsing history (29%) and app usage, clicks and views (25%).
  • Awareness of Data Collection is High: 75% of online users are wholly aware that their personal info is used to customize their online experience. The percent of respondents who claim ignorance came in at 2%, which is down from 7% last year.
  • Personalization Matters… Somewhat: Just over half (53%) of respondents say their online experience is better when they see customized ads while online. That is up from 47% in last year’s survey and is largely driven by the “somewhat agree” group, who made up 72% of all those who agree. Additionally, only 41% of users are comfortable exchanging information for personalized content.
  • Softening Perception – But More Stringent Decision Making: 60% of online users do not typically allow sites to collect their info, which is up from 54% last year.

 “As major entities like Google continue to readjust how they handle user data, these insights offer a glimpse on how marketers can effectively reevaluate what information Americans are willing, and not willing, to share,” Loretto added. “As time moves on and privacy changes become enacted in the coming years, this survey data proves that users are becoming more aware and open to sharing information if their needs and expectations are matched with a personalized experience.”


This survey was conducted online using Survey Monkey among a national sample of 1,068 adults spanning across U.S. geographic regions, income levels, gender and age. The survey was conducted on August 23rd, 2022.

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