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Compassionate Content Marketing Strategies for Funeral Homes

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 31 2017

Content marketing has transformed the way businesses do marketing. From tech companies to service companies, retail to restaurants, content marketing has changed the way businesses approach their customers and meet their needs.
That includes funeral homes. These businesses must also use elements of content marketing to market themselves before their services are needed. Compassionate content marketing can inform prospects about a funeral home’s services, such as a website page explaining funeral terminology, and online videos of funeral home facilities. Also, they can use blog posts outlining a resource list of services like florists, local hotels, and other necessary services that help and guide families through the funeral planning process.

Funeral directors understand the benefits of using digital marketing and content across multiple channels to advertise their businesses. Now it’s time to put these elements into action. Share engaging content about your funeral home rather than just a bland “About Us” page. Look to develop a targeted outreach program for new marketing leads that lead to increased business. Use your communications to show compassion while supporting your funeral home’s brand.

Here are five ways that funeral home directors can serve their prospects better with educational content marketing.

1. Description of services

In times of grieving, many families aren’t certain what specific services funeral homes offer. Do they partner with local cemeteries? What about the church service connection? By having a full description of the funeral home’s services and ancillary services, you can cover a lot of educational ground for a visitor to your site.

2. A FAQ page

A strong FAQ page can help people learn about funerals when they arrive at your website. It’s likely that a funeral home director answers many questions for most prospects, so why not set up a great page that offers in-depth answers to many common issues? A great way to understand content marketing is to have your sales team make lists of all the questions they generally receive during the funeral process, and create blog posts or short videos that answers these questions. You’ll be amazed at how much content you can create with these answers.

3. Email newsletter

Offer website visitors a chance to sign up for your weekly (or bi-monthly) email newsletter. These are incredibly valuable to funeral home directors because those subscribers tend to be warm leads with future funerals on their minds. Better still, your funeral home can share glimpses of its operation, offer tips to grieving families, announce special remembrance events on holidays or weekends, and much more. An email newsletter can educate subscribers, provide practical information, and position the funeral home as a local expert in your community.

4. Online videos of facilities

Creating online videos can be as easy as turning on your mobile phone and holding your hand steady. Whether you use your phone or a professional, having online video on your website and sharing video over social media can be a boon to your business. Prospects want to see where their loved ones will be taken and prepped for funerals. It makes good marketing sense to share touching videos that show interviews with your staff, with extra footage of the rooms, waiting areas, and other facilities.

5. Inbound marketing

Funeral homes can create images, blog posts, and social media posts to help drive traffic back to their websites. Once there, a site visitor can exchange his or her email address for a piece of valuable information that your funeral home offers. For instance, a visitor can share an email address in exchange for a short funeral planning checklist for grieving families. Each time you can get a warm lead, that’s a marketing win.

Knowing a potential customer’s need before they find your funeral home can be very helpful to a funeral director. Embracing content marketing in its various forms can be a great start toward a stronger business with digital marketing as its driver.

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