The Benefits of Incorporating Amazon’s Buy with Prime
The Benefits of Incorporating Amazon’s Buy with Prime

The Benefits of Incorporating Amazon’s Buy with Prime

Digital Marketing

Olivia Hull

Feb 23 2024

If your business is looking for a new way to grow, there are many beneficial tools out there able to quickly and seamlessly elevate your customer’s shopping experience. One of the most common shopping tools is Amazon Prime. If you are a small business seeking growth, this service can align customer trust with an increase in profits. On average, shopper conversion increases by about 25% when businesses link up to Amazon’s Buy with Prime.

An Overview of Buy with Prime

Buy with Prime is an easy, secure way for customers to check out when they purchase from your ecommerce site. This service used to be invite-only for merchants, but the first part of 2023 saw the program open to all eligible U.S. business. 

First, use the recognizable Buy with Prime logo to let your customers know that a visit to your ecommerce site will offer them familiarity as they shop. When they’re ready to purchase, the Buy with Prime button will connect to their current Amazon Prime account to complete the transaction, bringing them the ease of pre-filled payment cards, billing and mailing addresses, and other auto-fill information. After completing their purchase, customers are seamlessly directed back to your website, ensuring a consistent and genuine small business shopping experience.

How Buy with Prime Improves the Customer Experience

Buy with Prime streamlines the purchasing process, ensuring a seamless transition from consideration to sale—benefiting both your customers and your small business. And there are other business benefits to this tool, especially when you think about how many millions of customers already use an Amazon Prime account for purchases.  

Boost traffic

Leveraging the recognized Buy with Prime logo in your marketing materials lends immediate trust to your brand, as customers associate your business with their reliable experiences shopping with Amazon. For a small business, linking to one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world is an incredible way to get more eyes on your products. 

And remember, the hassle of handling payments, packaging, shipping, and returns is managed by Amazon, affording you more time to focus on driving traffic to your site and growing your business.

Increase shopper conversion rate

One of the most significant ways this button increases shopper conversion on your platform is that shoppers can access their free Prime shipping, a perk they’re already familiar with. Free shipping is a powerful sales tool. Customers are incentivized to shop online by the convenience of free shipping, which saves them both time and the expense of traveling to make the purchase in-store.

Build trust

Our shopping choices are often influenced by emotions and trust in brands. Customers will recognize the security of your website’s shopping experience, drawing confidence from the well-established safety of Amazon’s platform. This assurance is key to retaining customers. Using the Prime button only increases the credibility of their shopping experience with you.

Encourage new customer relationships

Once a customer completes a purchase and shares their personal information, it positions your business to tailor marketing efforts and customer interaction with precision. Leveraging this data empowers you to refine the consumer experience, curating a shopping journey that aligns seamlessly with their preferences and behaviors.

Steps You Can Take to Get Started

To get started with Buy with Prime, you must be a U.S.-based entity, have an ecommerce site, and have either a Professional Seller Central account or an Amazon Supply Chain account.

Amazon’s Buy with Prime website lists the first steps and frequently asked questions. This includes entering your business details, deciding what products you want to show through this service, and installing a button code onto your site.

If you have questions on how to set up the items above, contact us. As an expert partner of Buy with Prime, we’re here to help you get connected and are committed to enhancing your customer’s shopping experience and expanding your consumer reach through Buy with Prime.

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