Expanding Social Media Marketing To Improve Business Results in 2023
Expanding Social Media Marketing To Improve Business Results in 2023 Digital Marketing Firm Adtaxi Introduces TikTok for Business

Expanding Social Media Marketing To Improve Business Results in 2023

Press Release

Rebekah Krieg

Aug 29 2023

Digital Marketing Firm Adtaxi Introduces TikTok for Business

DENVER, CO (August 29, 2023)Adtaxi, one of the country’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, today announced a new social media offering for their clients: TikTok. The popular short-form video platform will now be amongst the many strategies and tools the agency offers. This addition to the Adtaxi arsenal is designed to help businesses maximize their reach, increase sales, and connect to target audiences.

This comes as the application’s popularity is at an all-time high, with the trend only increasing. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, TikTok users are more engaged in content and less likely to leave the platform compared to that of other apps. Additionally, the highest engagement rate with advertisements is found on TikTok. The report states that compared to Meta, TikTok engages 835% more of its audience. Overall, TikTok was the top-grossing app in 2022 with 1 billion monthly active users globally.

“Our objective in this new initiative is to tap into TikTok’s vast audiences and seamlessly integrate this well-established, high-demand platform into our advertisers’ marketing strategy,” said Natalie Andrews, Manager of Social Operations. “Through our preliminary offering, we have seen TikTok offer Adtaxi clients a unique and effective way to connect with their target audience, drive brand awareness, and achieve their marketing objectives in an engaging and entertaining fashion.”

Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok advertising can be more cost-effective. With various ad formats and budget options, clients can choose campaigns that align with their business goals. Adtaxi uses a variety of objectives to achieve its clients’ business goals. Whether the client is trying to gain awareness, consideration, or convert, Adtaxi picks objectives that align with what they are trying to achieve. Additionally, they are able to provide clients with TikTok’s robust targeting options, allowing them to focus their ad campaigns on specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations. 

“While there have been questions on whether TikTok will remain a top-performing platform in the United States’ media landscape, it is clear that the app’s loyal users are here to stay,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “Adtaxi strives to stay ahead of trends and offer our clients the latest and greatest digital marketing methods. After months of extensive research, development, and testing we are ready and excited to expand this offering to all our clients.” 

For more information about Adtaxi, visit www.Adtaxi.com

About Adtaxi

Founded in 2010 within MediaNews Group, Adtaxi is a client-centric digital organization that brings passion, precision, and sophistication to digital marketing. Leveraging the belief that people matter as much as technology, we help customers solve complex marketing challenges with custom, performance-driven solutions. We made our mark in programmatic advertising before expanding into search, social, and connected TV. Over time, we have refined and perfected our holistic performance-based strategy designed with an innovative full-funnel methodology that utilizes a variety of tools and processes. By using omnichannel optimizations across channels throughout the client lifecycle, we are able to maximize performance and deliver superior value for advertisers. We function as a true partner with our clients, acting as a single point of contact and support through multi-platform campaign cycles. Find Adtaxi on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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