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Our Favorite Digital Marketing Topics of 2017

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

Jan 02 2018

Welcome to 2018! We know everyone is in full swing goal setting mood, new year…new goals. But what about 2017? What knowledge can we bring with us and improve on in the new year? Here are some of the most popular topics from 2017 that really resonated with digital marketers.


– But what else is in the future for digital marketing? Let’s gaze into our crystal ball and forecast some top online marketing resolutions we’ve seen discussed by industry observers. Read more.


– Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the weeks that follow typically give e-tailers a 30% boost in sales. But if your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns aren’t optimized to capitalize on these holiday surges, you’re losing out. Read more.


– November and December bring in 30 percent more revenue than any other months of the year for e-tailers, so it makes sense to develop a strategy to capitalize on this busy season. Read more.


– Research shows just 13 percent of marketers can quantify the effect social media has on their business. Read more.


– One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is figuring out how to identify a potential customer online. Read more.


– While native advertising is a growing, some marketers still aren’t sure what it is, but these brands have it down.

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