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Future Forecasting: 2018 Digital Marketing Resolutions

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

Dec 28 2017

Digital marketing has been under a cloud of misery for much of 2017. From a slew of online media sell-offs to congressional hearings for Facebook, Google and Twitter over deliberately placed, Russian-paid advertising to influence the 2016 presidential election, digital marketing has taken it squarely on the chin this year.
Can 2018 get any worse, or is there hope in its SEO lining? Businesses sure hope so, because they want to see more growth and engagement from their hard-won online audiences.

As marketing strategies and tactics continually evolve, it’s important to create and track the most efficient methods to promote your company’s products and services to create success in 2018. One way to do that is through omni-channel engagement, which focuses on a customer’s need, regardless of what channel he or she is using. Good marketing means engaging with that customer who might be buying a product online or in a physical store, interacting with customer service, or responding to email promotions.

But what else is in the future for digital marketing? Let’s gaze into our crystal ball and forecast some top online marketing resolutions we’ve seen discussed by industry observers.

  1. More video in 2018:

    It goes without saying that video killed it in 2017. Expect to see more marketers turning to video in 2018. If you’re not engaging with consumers via video already, it’s time to start. Use your phone or buy an HD camera to shoot video of your internal teams, your external events, your company top performers, and visits to clients. Upload them to your site and YouTube, and share on other social media platforms. Video helps to drive purchasing behavior and creates stronger customer engagement.

  1. Native ads will increase:

    Another serious growth contender in 2017 was native ads. Business Insider noted the number of advertising buyers that bought native ads grew nearly 75 percent in the first quarter of 2017. The reason for this large increase is that native ads are seen as a more authentic type of advertising — one that fosters better engagement and helps to build trust with your consumers.

  1. More personalized marketing automation:

    Better tools exist today for directly targeting consumers with email outreach. Smart marketers use marketing automation to deliver different marketing experiences for new customers vs. returning ones. These personalized interactions foster trust and let your customers know you have their needs in mind.

  1. Budget for everything:

    Digital marketing has so many arms to account for that it’s imperative to budget funds for all kinds of non-negotiables. Budget for mobile updates, video productions, display ads, native ads, SEO, social media, and sponsorships. Track these channels for more efficient use of funds in each.

  1. Stay on top of social media:

    If you’re not overseeing your company or client’s social media, make it happen in 2018. Swift online reactions to a certain topic can have an impact on your marketing plans and campaigns. Don’t be one of those marketers said to be tone-deaf to certain cultural nuances. Hire a pro team to oversee social and report daily with news on your industry, politics, and culture.




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