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Help Your Ad Campaigns Take Off With Optimized Landing Pages

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

Feb 01 2018

When you create a digital ad, you want customers to click and convert. It sounds simple, but shuttling customers from your ad to your checkout, for example, isn’t that easy.
To help customers convert, you should deploy landing pages for every ad. A landing page is a specifically designed page that’s geared toward visitors who clicked on your ad.

Here’s a great example of a landing page that visitors are taken to after clicking on a Groupon ad on Facebook:

Using this as an example, we’ll look at ways to optimize your landing page.

Use headlines and subheadings.

Landing pages have to be clear, so utilize headlines and subheadings to tell customers about the purpose of your message. In the example, Groupon uses the headline for its logo, and a subheading to reinforce the point of the ad, which is to buy a gift card.

Solve a problem.

Customers don’t buy products — they buy solutions. Explain how your product or service solves a problem or makes life easier. In this case, Groupon takes the hassle out of sending a gift card, and backs it up by providing a four-step explanation.

Showcase the product. 

Use clean, clear images that showcase the product or service you’re trying to sell. In this case, Groupon offers three images of its gift card.

Don’t be afraid of white space.

You don’t need to fill every inch of your landing page with stuff. It’s okay to let elements breathe. Include white space around text boxes and the call to action (CTA) to give customers the ability to understand your message without having to read every word.

Create a clear CTA.

Your landing page should have one clear call to action. It’s best to create a button so it stands out. In this case, the blue “Get Started” button is a real eye-catcher.

Lead customers to the end game.

When a customer clicks the CTA from a landing page, make sure he or she can complete the action easily from this point. In the Groupon example, customers are taken to a page to select a gift card they want to purchase.

The more complicated the process is, the more likely you’ll lose customers.

Landing pages are an effective addition to any digital ad. Use these tips to optimize your next landing page and get the conversions you’re seeking.

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