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How Hiring an Agency Can Maximize Your Brand’s Potential

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

Aug 10 2021

Developing a complete marketing plan on your own takes time, and generally includes a few stumbling blocks along the way. Experience in digital marketing goes a long way toward avoiding potential pitfalls and providing your customers with a better sense of your brand’s real value — value an ad agency can help illustrate without suffering unnecessary growing pains.

Agencies offer expertise that can boost your strategy, especially for small businesses that don’t have the resources to tackle ad ops in-house. Here’s why business owners should consider taking advantage of this expertise and maximize their brand’s marketing potential. 

It Will Save You Time and Money 

Partnering with a dedicated marketing agency gives your brand access to a team of experts — that means digital pros already tapped into the latest updates in search algorithms, data analysis, and marketing strategists who dedicate their time solely to navigating unexpected changes in the digital landscape to optimize your ad spend for you.

Not only does outsourcing marketing responsibilities allow time to focus on other aspects of business — it’s also more cost-effective than tackling it in-house as the price to add employees  adds up more quickly than you might think. Investing in a good agency can be essential for maximum efficiency.

Tap Into Innovative Ideas to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

A good agency takes pride in seeing its partners succeed. The experts know how to deploy advanced strategies, foster elite partnerships, and even utilize specific tools or software designed to give your business an edge on the competition. Having a team of professionals working full-time on creative ways to win in the digital sphere can guide your brand to previously undiscovered audiences simply by taking a new approach.

Partnering with an ad agency also better prepares your business for the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic demanded fast action from brands to adapt to an entirely new set of circumstances and customer needs — while many businesses took a more conservative approach, some stood out from the crowd by quickly amending their marketing priorities to better reflect brand values, support charities, and emphasize customer retention in a period of rapidly-shifting brand loyalty.

Unify Your Brand’s Marketing Efforts Through Omnichannel Strategies

The goal of any brand should be to cultivate healthy long-term relationships with its customers through each successful interaction. The optimal way to spark those kinds of relationships is with an omnichannel approach that feels entirely integrated and seamless — a strategy that accounts for all available data and uses it to produce more positive outcomes for your brand.

Adapting a full-scale omnichannel marketing strategy to major changes like pandemic safety measures or the departure of third-party cookies requires experienced insight and the ability to emphasize personalization and first-party data. A recent survey estimates that brands stand to lose 38% of their customers due to poor personalization practices. Quality personalization is the product of quality data, which is more easily applied when marketing channels “talk” to each other — that’s where agencies step in.

Agencies are specialists when it comes to drawing from available data and delivering the right ads at the right time — a practice likely to grow more valuable in the months and years ahead. The more unified your digital branding efforts appear, and the more relevant your ad placements and timing, the better experience your customers will have as they move through the sales funnel toward conversion.

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