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How to Engage Users in the New Year


Jennifer Flanagan

Feb 02 2021

2021 is upon us — and with it, a new set of challenges for marketers to face. The digital economy never stays in one place for long, and as trends begin to shift all over again the Adtaxi team wants to help you start this new year off right. Here is our look at creative ways your business can engage with its audience in 2021.

Make Your Company’s Key Initiatives Known

More than ever, customers care that their favorite brands are seeking to make the world a better place. Whether it’s more environmentally-friendly production and distribution practices, donations to a preferred charity or simply taking meaningful steps to care for their employees, we’re now in a climate of users with higher moral standards for all companies and organizations.

There’s never been a better time for brands to pull back the curtain, show the human side of business operations behind the scenes, and nominate a good cause for the coming year. Bonus points if your webmaster is prepared with a dedicated webpage tracking progress toward a specific goal, or an explanation as to how the company is aiming to step up within its community in the coming year. It just needs to be impactful — it’s the season of new resolutions, after all.

Find Out What Users Are Hoping For This Year

Social media managers are always looking for unique ways to engage their online communities. Take this once-a-year opportunity to prompt responses from your user-base, and find out what your loyal customers hope to accomplish in 2021. It’s always beneficial to better understand customers and how they use various social platforms, and this is a rare instance where many users will be happy to tell you exactly what they want out of the coming months.

What better way to ensure your brand’s goals are aligned with customers than compiling the recently-made goals of your active community?

Find Ways to Celebrate

Your business likely has a general sense of the major milestones and events coming up in the next 12 months. It certainly doesn’t have to be comprehensive, but sharing a brief overview of these events can spread some well-earned excitement.

If you’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of your business you started from the ground up in your basement, debuting a flashy new product line, or moving into a new location, now is the time to give users a peek at what’s ahead.

Show Your Human Side

The past calendar year hit people hard in a lot of ways. Most people’s top priority won’t be your business in the coming year — and that’s okay.

Sometimes simply letting users know you understand the current events unfolding around the world is more than enough. The novelty of hearing “these uncertain times” has more than worn out its welcome — instead, be willing to show some humanity and self-awareness while staying true to your brand voice.

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