Digital Strategies for Automotive Clients

Digital Strategies for Automotive Clients


Olivia Hull

Jan 25 2023

In the digital age, the way to reach new automotive customers is constantly changing. It’s become more important than ever to have a vibrant online digital strategy to keep and attract customers. An effective digital marketing strategy allows automotive clients to develop:

Shop-friendly websites. When potential customers shop online for a vehicle, they are typically looking for a website that is convenient to access through different digital devices like smartphones and laptops. The website should allow them to research automobiles at their own pace and be able to save their searches. It should also provide a way to search vehicles by cost and have a calculator to determine payment schedules.

Easy to find brand. The website should be easy to find. Digital marketing strategies for automotive businesses typically involve listing your website on common search engines potential customers use, local car dealer and manufacturer sites, and aggregate sites. 

SEO content. Well-written content can generate organic search results instead of relying solely on paid advertising. Organic results are listed under the paid ads on sites like Google and Yahoo. The SEO content is created around the questions potential car buyers ask when they input information into a search bar to locate a new vehicle or product. The better the content addresses these questions on your website, the more likely it will rise to the top of the organic results.

Paid ads. While organic results are best, it may take time for the website to rise in the ranks to attract people to it. In the meantime, well-written and placed ads are effective at drawing people to your site. Also, the more people visit your site, the more it will gain enough attention for it to rise in the organic ranks. A good digital marketing agency can help you create and place ads on the web.

Places to leave reviews. A good website allows customers to leave reviews. Good reviews touting the quality of a car and a dealer’s service can generate a lot of positive results. People shopping online pay attention to other people’s experiences to make informed decisions.

How Social Display, Programmatic and Other Tactics Can Support Auto Industry Clients

The tactics Adtaxi employs to support auto industry clients include:

Social Media

Adtaxi will get your business on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn and produce creative messaging that appeals to your target audience. We use first-party data and audience intelligence to find and attract customers.


Programmatic tactics involve creating custom-designed ads that appeal to individual users. The ads seamlessly blend into the website they are viewing and are based are a user’s specific behavior, demographics, and interests that have been collected through their online presence. Programmatic tactics also involve re-targeting ads to users who have abandoned their search for cars. Re-targeting involves placing ads on the types of vehicles the individual was looking for before they abandoned the process, and on pages the potential customer visits. 

Streaming TV

Adtaxi will create streaming ads designed to promote your business and increase customer engagement. The ads stream over connected TVs, laptops, and other streaming devices.

Adtaxi Analytics

Adtaxi analytics allow auto industry clients to keep track of how the process is going. The dashboard provides instant access to information about various metrics including conversion rates, video views, historical trending, cost per acquisition, and more.

How Adtaxi Can Help

Adtaxi is a client-centric company offering digital marketing services. This means we create specific strategies for automotive dealerships wherever they are located. Since 2010, our highly-trained and experienced team of professionals has been helping customers use social media and digital marketing strategies to address challenges and create pathways to success. The company was a 2019 Digiday Worklife Award Winner, 2021 Ad Exchange Award Winner, and a 2022 finalist for the Drum Awards. Adtaxi is also a Google Premier Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and Snapchat Partner. We currently manage about 500 campaigns per month.

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