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See How Bing’s Shopping Campaigns Are Changing


Jennifer Flanagan

Jun 28 2018


In April 2018, Bing unveiled some new features for its Bing Shopping campaigns that could make them more effective. These new features don’t just bring extra value for advertisers; some experts suggest they are poised to give competitors a run for their money. Let’s look at some of the changes and how you could benefit. 

Why It Matters

Shopping ads are big news in 2018. Experts estimate they account for around 60 percent of the clicks on Google and about 33 percent of the clicks on Bing – stats that clearly demonstrate the domination of Shopping campaigns in retailers’ paid search click volume arena.  But it’s even more interesting when you factor in a little background on Bing’s reach.

An estimated one in five people rely on Bing for their online searches. Not only that, Bing’s audience spends an average of 32 percent more time shopping online from their desktop computers than other internet searchers and their average click-through rate is roughly 50 percent higher than AdWords. Factor in some positive new changes and we’re talking about a golden opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach more people and even potentially see a boost in conversions.

New Feature 1: Multiple Images

Now you can spice things up with up to 10 images in the product feed. This gives you a great opportunity to show products from different angles, giving shoppers a comprehensive view. This is important because we all know that great photos are at the heart of successful shopping campaigns.

New Feature 2: Product Status Reporting

Bing added four new columns to its Product Groups reporting grid to help advertisers better understand exactly what’s happening in their campaigns. You can easily see the data across multiple accounts or shopping campaigns using the Product Match Count Report. This gives you a detailed overview of the matched products at several levels: campaign, ad group and product group – information you can use to optimize your campaigns. These new additions include:

●      Products Submitted: Displays the number of products you upload to the Merchant Center.

●      Products Ready to Serve: Displays the number of products free from processing errors and ready for people to bid on

●      Products Targeted: Displays the number of products people are bidding on

●      % Products Targeted: Displays the percentage of products you’ve submitted that are being bid on in the group

Universal Event Tracking

Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a convenient tool available through Bing Ads. It allows businesses to verify their domains as they set up their merchant center account and create their online store. This speeds up the process so sellers can get down to business faster while buyers still have peace of mind. Bing rejects merchants who lack a privacy policy on their website, try to claim unverified domains or lack valid SSL certificates.

Product Rejection Notifications

No product left behind! That might as well be the rallying cry behind this new feature. Bing’s targeted product insights are all designed to help you keep all your products active in your shopping campaigns. Product status is important. Now, marketers can sign up for product rejection statuses that allow them to stay on top of any issues and fix them quickly.

In the end, successful marketing campaigns – whether they’re for Bing Shopping or not – are all about having the right insight, innovation and optimization tools at the ready. Adtaxi partners with the best in the industry, including Bing, to deliver the performance our clients need to succeed. Visit to learn more.


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