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Why Do Employees Love Working for Adtaxi?


Jennifer Flanagan

Jun 21 2018


Adtaxi is all about optimization, innovation, and creating a thriving business that puts clients first while valuing the people working to meet those goals. Clients love that the company helps them solve complex challenges with solutions that drive their success. But what do Adtaxi’s employees love about the company? It turns out there’s a lot to love, including the following five reasons employees enjoy working here.

Forward-Thinking Vision

Ask employees, and you’re likely to hear things like, “Very innovative and forward thinking. Seems to always consider how major structural changes are going to affect the employees, and tries to take steps to ensure they are positive.” After all, the heart of Adtaxi’s guiding principles is the company’s drive to help its clients create meaningful results using the latest digital technology. It understands that digital moves fast. That’s what keeps Adtaxi creating solutions like Quantum, a proprietary platform that integrates machine learning and human expertise for the ultimate in campaign optimization.

Employees Have a Voice

Adtaxi “has an entrepreneurial spirit that allows employees to be the same way. If you have the drive, desire, and passion to make yourself and the company better, [it provides] an environment to do so,” notes one employee. “It is also exciting to be big enough to have scale that impacts many, but still small and nimble enough to change quickly.” As part of the company’s vision, employees can provide feedback to executive-level leadership, creating an open, transparent environment that allows everyone who works there to feel that he or she is important and valued.

An Amazing Company Culture

Flexibility and a collaborative environment makes for a great place to work. But Adtaxi takes company culture to a new level with paid time off and work-from-home opportunities that support a healthy work/life balance. As one employee says, Adtaxi has an “incredible culture, very hands on. No one is breathing down your neck and micromanaging every little thing you do. Huge flexibility with the work and optimizations we’re allowed to do as campaign managers for our accounts, and great employees that I see as friends and peers rather than just coworkers.”

Employees also enjoy in-office perks such as massages and food, as well as out-of-office perks like tickets to sporting events. Another employee notes Adtaxi has “good relationships with Google and Bing, resulting in direct training from them, free swag, and trips to Google/Bing HQ if the employee is interested.”

The Cutting Edge of Digital

Adtaxi understands how quickly technology evolves. That’s why it has created a climate of innovation to stay on the cutting edge of digital, and at the forefront of adtech. “Advanced technology is applied to solve the problems of customers,” says one employee. “Employees are supported through ongoing training to enhance their knowledge and skills, empowering them to remain competitive in the marketplace.”

Efficiency and Quality Are Priorities

One of the company’s goals is to become a thought leader in the industry. It understands that innovating and valuing employees are important steps, while also placing emphasis on quality results and efficient processes. “Our in-house product team develops tools for us to improve our efficiency and quality,” states an Adtaxi employee. “We have a good culture due to free food and extracurricular activities, and we hire people who are ambitious and have a good attitude.”

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