Developing a Digital Marketing Plan in the Furniture Industry

shutterstock_387274792 (1) Digital marketers in the furniture retail industry face an interesting challenge today. With so many younger Generation Xers on the move and not settling down into homes and lives as quickly as before, the challenge for furniture retailers is to find ways to market furniture to them via online channels. Digital marketing to up-and-coming furniture buyers will become ever more important in the years ahead.

Because of this trend, furniture retailers need to stay on top of shifting consumer trends, advancements in new online marketing initiatives, technology shifts, and best practices for pricing and promotion. Combine these with a good reputation on social media channels and you'll win the trust of your future furniture consumers.

Let's look below at some key steps for a furniture store’s digital marketing plan to win new customers and retain former customers.

Identify Target Markets

Know your audience! Furniture retailers can blend information about their product lines (couches, loveseats, tables, chairs, etc.) with the right demographic data for the target audience. Having this target market knowledge in place will help you reach the intended consumers and assist with product positioning. It's crucial to know the customer demographics in the area where the company plans to offer digital furniture marketing campaigns.

Identify Customer Platforms

How do you reach your customers? Where do they live online? Are they on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others? Your key demographic information should show you if your target audience — say, females 30 to 45 years old — are checking out furniture on Pinterest or elsewhere. Furniture marketers should tailor written and visual content to these platforms to reach this audience.

Launch a Campaign

Once your audience and platforms are identified, it's time to test a campaign in one of these areas. One of the key trends in digital marketing is to speak to your customers in an honest and individualized manner. Try a campaign that features straight talk about the need for quality furniture at fair prices. Appeal to the emotional pull of the buyer, rather than the practical buyer who's watching the costs all the way across the buying journey.

Measure Your Campaign

Once the furniture retailer has its digital marketing campaign up and running, it's important to take measurements of clicks and hits throughout. There are many data generation tools to mark and measure your efforts in the campaign sales process. With the right numbers and measurement analysis, digital furniture marketers will be able to assess and alter a campaign while in motion.