Weekly Digital Breakdown - 10.11.19 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 10.11.19

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 11 2019

Twitter Login Not So Secure

Twitter users are familiar with its two-factor authentication requirement for account set-up, implemented for security purposes. However, the company has recently indicated this confidential information has been used beyond its intended purposes, and has instead allowed advertisers to access these details for targeting purposes. 

On October 8th, Twitter admitted they recently discovered the data may have “inadvertently” been accessed by advertisers to target users. The company specifically cited it’s Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences options, primarily used for remarketing. Both require the use of customer lists, either from the advertiser’s own marketing or a similar third-party partner list that include email addresses and phone numbers. It’s believed Twitter users may have been matched to the list based on the confidential credentials. 

Twitter positioned the announcement as an act of transparency, but some have their doubts user information was shared inadvertently. One noticeable absent piece of information in the release was exactly how long the data had been compromised. With big tech companies, specifically social media platforms, under such scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the improper handling of user data, this information leak could gain the company unwanted attention. 


TripAdvisor Connects With Social

With the help of TripAdvisor, marketers now have a new way to tap into travelers, one of the largest and most captive industry audiences. The company released the launch of TripAdvisor Connect, which will allow brands, hospitality related or otherwise, to gain access to the company’s 10 million social followers across Facebook and Instagram. 

TripAdvisor Connect has plans to expand its capabilities to other media channels in the near future. The company believes that their unique access to deep travel consumer insights can help advertisers engage with high-intent audiences. Users coming to TripAdvisor very specifically have destination travel of some sort in mind. Allowing this audience to be accessible on social media, could be invaluable for brands promoting travel accommodations at every stage of the travel decision journey.


Google Moves Forward With Fashion

Google has launched a shopping overhaul to make the process easier and more engaging for users. With product enhancements, Google Shopping is attempting to capture more of the market and compete in the ever-changing space.

Google Lens has been a shopper’s best friend when it comes to searching for home or apparel items across the web. If you need to complete a furnishing set or replace your favorite jeans, Lens can help. Google enhanced the lens’s capabilities with a “style ideas” feature to give style ideas to apparel shoppers and a little extra inspiration for the stylishly impaired. 

By simply taking a screenshot of an item you like online or taking a photo of one already owned, Google Lens will then show style images suggestions with others wearing the same item to help complete or update your look. Lens will also recommend complimentary pieces, all of which can then be purchased with a few clicks.

To continue to boost it’s ecommerce efforts, Google Shopping also underwent a homepage redesign. Users will now find a more customized experience based on their interests and shopping history as well as the ability to price track products and receive notifications when there’s a price drop.


Additionally, Google Shopping added a filter that lets users check nearby stores for items. The feature shows not only which stores carry the item but also if it’s in stock. For those that just can’t wait for shipping or are in a bind, this quick access could just save the day.

As shoppers continue to expect more from their online experience, Google is looking to lead the charge. Adding suggestions to help undecided buyers, particularly during the holidays, is sure to attract customers and businesses to change perception on its place in fashion.


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