Weekly Digital Breakown - 10.15.22 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakown – 10.15.22

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 15 2021

Google Changes Search

Google is changing the way people search online with its new continuous scrolling. For a more seamless experience, users will no longer need to click to the next page of results once they reach the bottom of a search results page. Instead, the next page of results will automatically load. 

Most users find the results they are looking for in the first few results but some browse up to four pages of search results before finding what they need. The update will eliminate this extra step and make the process more user friendly. The update will roll out in a staggered release and will be supported on the mobile web and Google mobile app across devices. 

Google did not mention how this would impact advertisers but it could work in their favor. The new design could result in users spending more time in the app, which would then show more ads. It could also give advertisers more flexibility with where ads are shown as there will likely be less emphasis on being in the top results. 


Mobile Ad Dollars Take The Lead Over Direct Mail

In 2022, mobile ad dollars will exceed direct mail for local ad budgets for the first time. The gap is only expected to increase in the years following as businesses are becoming more reliant on online advertising based on its cost, targeting capabilities, and effectiveness.

Local ad spending has been gravitating toward mobile with the help of Facebook and Google, particularly as we continue to navigate the ongoing effects of the pandemic. COVID-19 not only increased users’ time spent on their mobile devices but their reliance on using them for up-to-date information about businesses, ecommerce options and other desired services such as delivery and curbside pickup. 

While some direct mail specialists don’t believe the trend is dire news for their services, it will be interesting to see how mobile will shape the future of local advertising based on user preferences and online behaviors. 


Facebook Makes Significant Change to How Users are Counted

Starting this week, if users do not have their Facebook and Instagram accounts linked in Accounts Center, they will assume they are different people for ad purposes. Facebook’s Accounts Center was designed to allow people to cross-post content, have a centralized login, and use Facebook Pay across Facebook and Instagram seamlessly. 

The decision was made in an effort to align their practices with people’s desire to have more control over how their information is used online for ad purposes. However, the change will not likely have a large impact on advertisers or counting metrics as most Facebook/Instagram users sync their accounts for convenience. However, there is an element of uncertainty with the true effects moving forward. 

Facebook notified advertisers that they may see an impact to campaign planning estimates and performance and reporting for unique metrics. In particular, audience size could see the most drastic differences. 


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