Weekly Digital Breakdown - 10.22.21 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 10.22.21

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 22 2021

YouTube Brings Live Shopping in Time for the Holidays

Starting November 15th, YouTube will kick off it’s weeklong shoppable livestreams. During the events, viewers will be able to tap into new products, limited time offers, and get product questions answered live by creators and other viewers.

The livestreams will be kicked off by the Merrell Twins who will be sharing their holiday wish list featuring products from well-known brands such as Walmart, Samsung, and Verizon. The decision to offer live-stream shopping comes as shoppers are turning to the platform more for trusted product recommendations.

Previous tests of shoppable livestreams have shown huge success based on their ability to feature trusted content creators combined with the ease of use. The events not only help drive sales revenue but also increase discovery for those undecided shoppers.

The idea has shown so much promise that Facebook and TikTok are also hoping to adopt the live shopping trend for the holidays and into the New Year.


Facebook Expands Shipping Options for Marketplace

The holiday shopping season is officially underway and Facebook continues to reign as one of the top social commerce platforms to engage audiences from discovery to conversion. The tech giant has expanded shipping options on Marketplace, which allow for the addition of estimated shipping costs for users. 

The new feature helps sellers expand their reach and provides buyers access to a wider range of product options. In addition, Marketplace browsers will be able to filter their search results based on shipping options.

The update comes as Facebook continues its emphasis on its ecommerce efforts. They are aiming to make all posts on Facebook and Instagram shoppable, giving users a frictionless purchase experience from view to cart checkout. The focus helps brands of all sizes create new shopping behaviors and connect buyers to more businesses from discovery to sale.


Microsoft Partners With Shopify For a Seamless Transaction

Microsoft has teamed up with Shopify to help merchants more easily connect with shoppers on the Microsoft Channel app. The app now allows brands to leverage free product listings automatically in the Microsoft Bing Shopping tab and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab.

The update will add a “Buy Now” button on product ads and listings, eliminating the need to leave the app to complete a purchase streamlining the whole process. 

As small businesses and ecommerce continue to be in focus, particularly this time of year, the integration will make it that much easier. For companies who are still new to the digital advertising and shopping space, it’s a great way to tap into Microsoft’s eager audiences with more disposable income making for a very merry holiday season.


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