Weekly Digital Breakdown - 7.31.20 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 7.31.20

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Jul 31 2020

Government Lacking Trust for Big Tech

The antitrust investigation heated up this week for big tech with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple facing the House Judiciary Committee fielding questions concerning details on their operations. The CEOs from the respective companies faced inquiries ranging from acquisition policies, efforts to monopolize control of the industry and policy restrictions designed to limit the competition while bolstering their own business.

Concern over the corporations’ size and financial backing being used to diminish the competition continues to be spotlighted. Findings will be used to determine if tougher regulations are needed to create a more level playing field and hold big tech accountable for their largely unmonitored business practices. 

The hearings come as government is finding that the digital landscape has evolved faster than the laws intended to keep companies and users safe and regulated. The current climate policies will remain under tight scrutiny as legislators determine how best to regulate the industry. 


Hulu Testing Ad Manager For Smaller Buys

Hulu has begun testing a self-service ad buying tool directed at giving more accessibility to the platforms for small and medium-sized businesses. The Hulu Ad Manager would enable advertisers to buy and manage ads directly with a reduced minimum spend of $500. The new tool would provide greater flexibility for advertisers, especially for those wanting to reach these key audiences but with less ad dollars available.  

The initial test will include limitations as Hulu decides how best to package the new option. Advertisers can only use one piece of creative per campaign and can choose between 0:15 and 0:30 second ads which can’t include interactive features. Targeting is limited to demographic information and location as well as programming genre. Hulu will not allow ads to be directed to look-a-like audices of the brand’s existing customers. 

By allowing advertisers to utilize a self-service platform, Hulu is hoping to not only pull funds from traditional television, but also other streaming platforms. The ad manager would eliminate the need for management fees, assuring every dollar was being spent reaching consumers. There is currently no timeline for when Hulu Ad Manager will be rolled out to the masses but the format could open up new opportunities for those who have been eager to tap into captive streaming audiences. 


Walmart Launches Voice Assistant For Easier Shopping

In the age of contactless shopping, Walmart is empowering its employees with a new voice assistant tool called Ask Sam to expedite customer service while on the sales floor. Sam will enable associates to search inventory, check pricing, consult store maps and find other answers more effectively. Sam also includes an Emergency Alert Button that will notify all associates, working or not, of any emergencies with instructions on how to take precautions, where to stay inside or exit a store and what’s being done to secure the environment. 

The virtual assistant was introduced in the second half of 2019 but availability and functionality has been rapidly increased with the changing landscape of Covid-19. It has allowed team members to receive accurate and timely information and guidance as stores are experiencing change on how they address the health and safety concerns for themselves and customers. 


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