Weekly Digital Breakdown - 9.2.21 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 9.2.21

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Sep 02 2021

Facebook Bug Results in Uncounted Conversions

On August 30, 2021, Facebook alerted advertisers and tech partners that a bug had been identified in their system earlier in the month. Conversion metrics for iPhone 12 users that accessed the Facebook app and were being delivered SKAdNetwork (SKAN) app ads were significantly undercounted, dating as far back as February. The glitch affected three campaign types on Facebook: app event optimization (targeting users likely to take a specific action), value optimization (targeting users based on amount likely to spend in a given amount of time), and mobile app installs (targeting users with the intention of them installing an app).

Facebook assured advertisers that the bug had been fixed but it resulted in undercounting for around 10% of total SKAdNetwork conversions. However with no real way to check the lost data, it’s impossible to know the magnitude of the situation. The news has also left many industry analysts with other lingering questions such as how this potentially impacted optimization strategies based on the numbers available and what other bugs or data errors are not being reported due to Facebook’s lack of transparency.


Nielsen Loses Accreditation, Creates Possibility for New Industry Standards

After months of scrutiny from the MRC (Media Ratings Council) around audience reporting accuracy, Nielsen’s national TV service measurement will no longer be third-party accredited. The news follows ongoing controversy around Nielsen’s collection methods and data accuracy. This is especially unsettling as Nielsen has traditionally been regarded for reliable and robust audience projections that facilitate millions in ad dollar spending. 

Nielsen previously requested that MRC proactively put their accreditation on hiatus while they re-evaluated their measurement metrics. Instead, MRC voted overwhelmingly that the best course of action would be to strip Nielsen’s national TV service of their accreditation status. MRC has said they will remain committed to working with Nielsen toward restoring the accreditation of their services as long as the company is open to comply.

In the meantime, other broadcasters are eager to use this opportunity to develop new industry standards, metrics, and measurement partners. 


Google Turns to Responsive Search Ads in an Effort to Increase Automation

In an effort to move toward more automation for ad campaigns, Google has announced advertisers will no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads (ETAs) after June 30, 2022. As new searches increase, Google sees automation as the best way to scale the change in volume. After the deadline, ETAs will continue to serve, can be paused or resumed, and performance will still be reported. However, they cannot be edited and no new ETAs can be created. Google strongly encourages advertisers to be proactive in updating ETAs now or transitioning these ads to responsive search ads. The announcement also provided suggestions for ways to repurpose existing ad content to create effective RSAs

Advertisers should take notice as Google continues to adjust its strategies. Google’s reliance on machine learning and AI may alter advertiser’s optimization strategies for ad accounts and campaigns.


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