Weekly Digital Breakdown - 9.10.21 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 9.10.21

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Sep 10 2021

Google Adds Historical Query Data for Impressions Without Clicks

Google has updated their search reports to include historical query data that received impressions but no clicks. Previously, only searches that received clicks were reported on but now advertisers will have access to more data, allowing them a better view of campaign performance and optimizations techniques.

This new data will provide additional insights into audience behaviors and areas of improvement. It will also be especially useful in building out negative keyword lists to improve campaign efficiency.

Reporting will undergo more changes starting February 1, 2022. At that time, Google will remove any historical query data dated before September 1, 2020 that does not meet Google’s current privacy threshold. However, all historical data can be accessed until that deadline and should be utilized (and saved) by advertisers before it’s gone.


Facebook Gives Detailed Guidance on Gaming Ads

Facebook has released a new guide to assist advertisers with ad creative to boost gamer engagement and increase campaign impact. The guide outlines creative prototyping, which Facebook defines as “a creative and measurement framework that involves conducting structured experiments with ad creative to drive success. Creative Prototyping is not a plug-and-play, pre-testing solution but rather a framework (Ask, Make, Learn, Adapt) designed for games companies who want to grow their business through intentional creative testing and learning.”

Facebook provides great detail of each step of the process to produce the most compelling and best performing creative in a game setting. While the granular detail on things such as design best practices, audience testing, and analyzing results is geared toward gaming apps, much of the information is applicable for brand usage. The detailed insights give a new perspective on creative best practices, particularly for highly competitive spaces.


Microsoft Pilots Video and Dynamic Feed Ad Units

This week, the Microsoft Audience Network announced they are piloting video ads and vertical-based product ads as they continue to focus on delivering advanced solutions for advertisers. The video ads will allow brands to increase awareness and quickly capture user’s attention while tapping into Bing search intent data and LinkedIn profile data on video assets. Video length options range from 6 seconds to 3-minutes.

Vertical-based product ads will access an advertiser’s existing feed to generate appropriate ads.  By leveraging dynamic data feeds, brands can showcase up-to-date inventory, availability and pricing. This will allow for a more personalized brand experience that will increase engagement with audiences who have indicated they are ready to convert.

The announcement comes as the Microsoft Audience Network continues to increase their offerings and tout their unique audience. Microsoft Advertising has made significant strides in adding a new edge to advertisers’ search efforts.


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